Jason Newsted Interview on Maximum Threshold Radio (the vault)

Had to pull this one out from the vault. Was listening to another podcast and it was the discussion on the And Justice … album and made me want to revisit this classic. Pretty sweet interview. Michael, Dom and Dave was part of this interview as well. “President Newsted – Newsted for Metal Town.”

Enjoy the talk we had with Jason.

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Dom R (Admin)
Thanks for taking a few seconds to read this. I have been with MTRS since its inception. Love doing the live broadcasts and interviewing my hero's and other very interesting people over the decade of this. MTR is my therapy. Have always looked at this site and station as being part of the solution for the artists. We have NEVER pushed our own agenda, it has always been in the name of the bands, the music and the direction in which we have an influence in helping. We are part of the solution. Its simple! We are here to help bands and entertainers succeed. We go way far beyond of what is expected of a station/PR piece.