WHITE NOISE OWL Reveal Hopeful “Something” Music Video

WHITE NOISE OWL: Pete Murray, vocals..Chris Shy, guitar..John Fahnestock, bass..Will Hunt, drums

WHITE NOISE OWL: Pete Murray, vocals..Chris Shy, guitar..John Fahnestock, bass..Will Hunt, drums

After overcoming challenges and exceeding expectations, WHITE NOISE OWL – the emerging alternative rock group featuring seasoned members of Lo-Pro, Snot, Evanescence and Black Label Society – have stepped out of the studio from which they first assembled and onto the scene; perfectly poised to rattle the rock world… set out to be its own horse in its own race, completely unique unto themselves.

The band’s upcoming album, Condition Critical, is an assault of unbridled energy radiating from the convergence of four guys who met for the very first time as they recorded together. The album will drop later this year and pre-orders will become available soon.

In conjunction with this initial album announcement, WHITE NOISE OWL have revealed their brand new music video for the massive track, “Something”. The timely track focuses heavily on keeping faith and hope in each other, and celebrates people supporting one another in times of struggle – lending a hand to those in need when the pressures of life bring them to a place of despair that they feel they cannot return from. Click Here  to see OWL’s new video!

Vocalist Pete Murray says about the track: “Although we wrote “Something” a while ago, sadly, the lyrics seem to be timeless. We’ve lost a lot of heroes lately. Mental illness does not discriminate. The truth is that we’re living in dark times, we’re all fighting our own battles and dragging around our own baggage. I think the message of the song is that you’re not alone – there are lots of us out here doing our best with what we have and we need each other! Therefore, we have to hang on. The bigger issue that I think the video brings to life is the loss of human contact we’ve suffered as a species. If we’re there for each other and support each other human to human we fuel a greater power in the universe and we keep the light alive.”

Drummer Will Hunt adds: “In the unfortunate and sad wake of tragedies we’ve seen happen lately to some of our friends and heroes, “Something” should be a battle cry for the belief that there’s hope for us all, that things can and will get better, and that all of us have at least someone who can help pick us up when we’ve fallen. And to add to that, most definitively and very pointedly, that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem… you matter, you are loved, and the world needs you.”

Condition Critical was produced by Ben Grosse, who has worked with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Breaking Benjamin, Filter, Stone Temple Pilots, Disturbed and many more. The album was recorded and mixed via The Mix Room, Tommy Lee’s Atrium, and the famed EastWest Studios.

From the opening atmosphere of the opener track, “Maybe It’s Time” – an enticing glance into the charm of WHITE NOISE OWL – proves a mesmerizing combination of quiver inducing-riffs, unmistakable vocals, poetically licensed lyrics, and movement provoking drum work. “Angry Man” flows in thunderously as it delivers heady and insatiable riffage before the listener is led into the mighty track and album single, “Something.” Now in full focus of the Owl, the structure and soul of this band breathe new life into the rock genus as it builds upon the dynamics of superb musicianship that evolves within every song. The most compelling yet introverted track, “This Has Just Begun”, peers deeper into the core of the band, revealing an intensely passionate and confident introduction into the birth and journey of WHITE NOISE OWL.

Stay tuned for a full track listing and more album details coming soon from WHITE NOISE OWL.


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