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The excitement of the evening began with fans anxiously awaiting for The Regrettes to come out and play @ this out of the ordinary looking warehouse/ low-key club tucked away in the heart of Los Angeles called  NON PLUS ULTRA.  But first the fans would be treated to a high energy packed performance from the bands of (LIILY) and (Casinos) who did a fantastic job with getting the crowd going.

The fans grew louder and larger as the night continued on, or as much as this non-air conditioning place could handle.

The evening concluded with the headliner ‘The Regrettes’ who came out as the crowd erupted in thunderous cheers and excitement.

The Regrettes are an Eagle Rock based  young band whose unique sound is derived from that garage pop sound with influences from the likes of Hole, Joan Jett and that 50ish – do – wop punk sound your moms has been warning you The band is made up of Lydia Night (vocals/guitar), Genessa Gariano  (guitar),  Sage Chavis (bass),  and Maxx Morando (drums).

What really fascinated me about this young talented band was their 1950ish look and feel, which took me back when my mom would play her old records…RIP CAROL

The video for the single “Hey Now” which tackles societies prejudices is something we all need to pay close attention to. Maybe even learn a thing or two from this song.

Lead singer Lydia Night .. “In the video we address a lot of issues, such as racism, misogyny, and LGBTQ rights, to point out the fact that though these were all issues that were very alive in the 50s and 60s, we still face all these same problems today.”  “Obviously things are generally much better when it comes to these problems, but the fact that they still exist is sad and an issue in itself.”

The sound was spot on for all three acts rounding out a fantastic night of music. I was surprised by the venue. It kinda reminded when I was a young trouble-maker back in the day hitting all the underground punk clubs, when music was music and no one judged you or what you listen to. Just goes to show you, “Never Judge a venue by it’s cover..”



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