MTRS – We Graded Kathy Griffin’s Press Conference on the photo scandal

So, this comic Kathy Griffin came out and went public with a beheaded bloodied head of President Donald Trump.  She received a lot of heat from this from the President’s supporters.

After watching her video of the conference we have to just look at their response with Kathy’s attorney. It is hilarious. The attorney takes stabs at the President and his supporters and issues that the current administration has taken and verbally attacks the family, supporters and rockstars.  The funniest is when she talks about GWAR, she spells out the band’s name G-W-A-R. I have always thought that the liberals were about freedom of speech and speaking their minds and not worrying about what the conservative side thought and went public with it. Well Griffin initially did that then became a sissy and backed out of what she did. Instead of living through her decision and not back tracking she caved in and said she was sorry. I get that, but this press conference is totally on a different level. Its like she is trying to get even and deflecting her ideas to someone else, ex. mentioning that Trump’s son is out killing lions or something like that. Totally irrelevant to what was done.  This press conference has got to be a parody, and if it is well she did a good job. If she was serious about this than she deserves a D- for effort. But if it was for laughs, which I found hilarious than I would rank it much higher.  I am not getting political with this just when I saw that GWAR was brought into this I had to listen in and get a good laugh out of it. Also, if you need an attorney to represent you please stay clear of this chic!  Watch it and make your own decision on whether it is real or a parody.


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