Dance Party with Highly Suspect at the Troubadour

         Johnny Stevens – Guitar/Vocals – Hollywood, Ca.

Highly Suspect just played two sold out shows at the Troubadour in Hollywood, Ca on their tour to promote their new album The Boy Who Died Wolf that will be released Nov. 18 and We were there to witness that which is dubbed the Highly Suspect Dance Party. You never know just what is going to go down when you see them play or who will be there. This night saw Johnny share his cookies with the crowd and give away one of his Fender guitars to a guy in the crowd. It also saw Pamela Anderson and Courtney Love in attendance. Once you attend a HS show then, as Johnny explains, you are family and part of MCID, which stands for ‘My Crew Is Dope’.

I have been a fan of the band since I heard the first note of Lydia and this would be my second time seeing Highly Suspect, the first being in April of this year, and I am still amazed at how diverse of a crowd they attract, ranging from young to old and all across the racial sphere. This time around they played two nights in a row instead of just one and they sold out both nights.

It seems that the guys in the band prefer the close knit feel of a smaller venue like the Troubadour and in turn that makes it feel like less of a show and more like a get together with the guys. They always have people come up on stage wether it be the whole crowd like last time I saw them or people they know that they invite on the stage with them. Personally, I like this more intimate type of show where they don’t seem so out of reach. Johnny seems to give off this positive vibe, this musical aura that seems to surround him and infuses the crowd with that energy, like the past greats of Jim Morrison and Elvis.

                   Johnny Stevens – Guitar/Vocals – Hollywood, Ca.

During their set, HS played both singles, Serotonia and My Name Is Human, that have been pre-released off the new Album as well as songs from Mister Asylum. During their encore, they came out and played The Alligator Song and Gang Lion, songs from their early career before being signed and Johnny was amazed that the crowd not only knew the songs but were also able to sing along.

The new album, “The Boy Who Died Wolf”, drops November 18 and if the two singles I have heard already are anything like the rest of the album, then I am sure that it will blow you mind like the past albums they released.

                           The Boy Who Died Wolf – Drops Nov.18th

Troubadour Setlist:
Blood Feather
Bath Salts
Round and Round
Fuck Me Up
My Name Is Human
The Alligator Song
Gang Lion
Way Down In Georgia

Troubadour show pics:

Rich Meyer – Bass/vocals – Hollywood, Ca.

Johnny Stevens- Guitar/Vocals & Rich Meyer- Bass/vocals – Hollywood, Ca.

Rich Meyer – Bass/vocals – Hollywood, Ca.

Ryan Meyer – Drums/Vocals – Hollywood, Ca.

Johnny Stevens- Guitar/Vocals & Rich Meyer- Bass/vocals – Hollywood, Ca.

Johnny Stevens- Guitar/Vocals – Hollywood, Ca.



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