The Sights And Sounds Of Winter NAMM 2018

Anaheim, Ca – It happens but once a year, Winter NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), or as I affectionately like to call it, the Comic-con of the music industry. Four days of music, music and more music. If it’s anything to do with music, wether it be instruments, equipment for recording, DJ equipment, lights, stages or studios, you can find it here. Exhibitors and musicians from all walks of life come from all over the world to check out all the new and exciting things there is to offer and it is not uncommon that you will run into a famous musician or two while walking around. As it so happens, I ran into a couple who took a few minutes to chat with me that included Jason Bittner who is currently drumming for OverkillTessa Terror of TriCounty Terror a metal band out of Texas comprised of all Females, Todd Strange of CrowbarMarzi Montazeri from Heavy As Texas, David Ellefson of Megadeth and Pamela Trepanier the GM for Ellefson Coffee Co, first time exhibitors to NAMM. Ellefson Coffee Co is the brain-child of Megadeath’s bassist David Ellefson who is becoming quite the entrepreneur with his tastey blend of Coffee’s. To check out any of these interviews, please click on the artist name.

Phil X (Bon Jovi) & Emma Anzai (Sick Puppies) @ NAMM 2018

Every year it seems to grow and change ever so slightly, adding more and more to the point that it can not be contained into just one building anymore and is now spilling out into the nearby hotels and buildings. This years NAMM offered up more than 840,000 square feet of music merchants to peruse. With over 2000 exhibitors, there was everything you thought you needed for your musical adventure, and somethings you never even thought of, but now you need. Some exhibitors had musicians who represent their brands come and do signings as well show case the vendors product. Everywhere you turned someone was trying out different gear left and right. The sound inside the convention center turns into a cacophony of people talking, drummers drumming, guitarist and bassist playing, and singing, all mixed together. With all this sound you would never think that a booth would get shut down due to sound policy violation, but it did happen and upon seeing this, we had to wonder, maybe they just weren’t loud enough?!

After NAMM has ended for the day, there are several great shows happening that you can attend. This year some of those shows included The Bonzo Bash (Celebrating the legacy of the late great Led Zeppelin’s drummer  – John Bonham),  Randy Rhoads Remembered, The Dimebash, and the annual Schector afterparty. U2 even made an appearance playing a short impromptu show on the roof of the Anaheim Convention Center. Or was it actually a cover band called Hollywood U2?! They were so good that they had almost everyone fooled.

When it is all over and you are finally home, you are utterly exhausted but already dreaming about next year.


To see photos of the Sights of NAMM, please click here.

To see photos from the Randy Rhoads Remembered 2018, please click here.

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