MTRS..The Pit To Get A Knife Edge Chop Starting Friday February 26

knife edge chopHow many times have you been listening to the station, or the live show on Saturday nights and just wished Dom and his infinite wisdom could get hit with a steel chair, or infamous listener Beavis wold just get a power bomb through a table and shut the hell up???!!!!! I know…… me too, we can dream right? The next best thing is set to happen starting Friday February 26 at 8 pm EST,  and re-airing throughout the week,as Maximum Threshold Radio welcomes Iann Robinson, of Headbanger’s Ball fame, and his tag team partner Travis Tubesing  and their Knife Edge Chop  show to the airwaves. The shows delivers an honest discussion of what is happening in the entire world of professional wrestling. 

Iann Robinson & Travis Tubesing, two lifelong wrestling fans, delve deep into the squared circle to talk the ups and downs of pro wrestling. ROH, PWG, Lucha Underground, Chikara, NJPW, NXT & WWE are all covered here. Join these two outspoken men as they charge up for a KNIFE EDGE CHOP.

Be sure to tune in and hear one of the best wrestling shows hands down, and here some of the legends and up and coming stars of the wrestling world, as they discuss the business with Iann and Travis. Most shows have a lot to say about WWE, and some will briefly touch on promotions such as ROH, and the hot new Lucha Underground. Not here, the guys give the industry and the fans a knife edge chop,  to bring Pro Wrestling to the masses. bucks Head on over to their Facebook page,  and give it a like.  Follow Knife Edge Chop, Iann, and Travis on Twitter at the links below to stay up to date with all the wrestling insanity you crave.

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