Brimstone Coven – “Black Magic” (2016 Metal Blade Records) CD Review

Remember the days of anxiously awaiting the release of a new album by your favorite band? Hearing an ad for the bands upcoming release on a station thBrimstone Coven - Black Magicat had the balls to play heavy metal and hard rock. That little taste lit a fire that would not die  until the release was in  hand. In a day where music, especially hard rock and heavy metal has seen the influx of hipster self proclaimed aficionados, where masterful writing and techniques of the past are blatantly ripped off, and everything has to have a label and fit perfectly into a sub genre that exsists or is made up to fit the steaming pile of dung……..Behold Brimestone Coven, and their second Metal Blade Records release “Black Magic.”All too many bands try to force the fuzz, force the riff, and go above and beyond to give that retro feel to their “unique” gimmick infringement. The Coven gives a refreshingly honest and organic feel  to the emotion from amplifier to ear. “Black Magic”, documented proof that clean can be heavy. The self titled track kicks off this opus of that likened to Sabbath royalty. Bassist Andrew D’Cagna has the best pure tones I have ever heard. In fact, there is speculation Geezer Butler has secret meetings lined up in hopes of securing secrets of the dark side that D’Cagna holds the key to. Pairing that natural rumbling of the Gods with drummer Justin Wood, and his deep pocket presence, and your speakers beg for mercy. These two are hands down the tightest, most flawless rhythm section in rock n roll today. Enter the modern day riff machine that is Corey Roth. A powerful, masterful guitarists that pours out feeling and emotion through his playing. Good music will make you feel everything, magnifying all emotions good or bad, making the listener remember or forget all. The notion that you have to run the fuzz on overdrive and up to eleven is shattered here. Some of the most orderly and elegant tones ever recorded , with the beef and bulk to amaze even the most stubborn of ears. Tie it all together with the soulful voice of Big John Williams and you have a mind trip back to the late sixties and earl seventies. If that wasn’t enough, I dare you to find a band past or present that incorporates three part harmonies as masterfully as Brimstone Coven.

For an album released so early in the new year, with so many more releases to come, this is hands down perfection. To say that “Black Magic” is a 10 out of 10, would do this album a huge injustice. This is usually where I state what songs really caught my attention, and had me going back to them again and again. I would like to give you those songs as a reference point, but the truth is I can do no such thing, To listen to this album and have the nerve to skip or seek to another track is a crime. “Black Magic” has been a staple in the rotation since it came across my desk. Actually that is a lie, it has been my rotation since then. Nothing else has come close to The Coven. The riffs have an old garage feel and grittiness of Di”Anno era Iron Maiden, with the occult and doomy freeze of Black Sabbath. Get the ouija boards out,  try to decipher the code, and  summon The Coven, they will speak to you. Brimstone Coven are…………. Forever

Track Listing:

1.- Black Magic

2.- Black Unicorn

3.- Beyond the Astral

4.- As We Fall

5.-  Upon the Mountain

6.- Slow Death

7.- The Seers

8.- The Plague 

9.- Forsaken

10.- The Eldest Tree

Review By: Jeff Blackburn



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