RUTHLESS - 2016 David Watson - Guitars: RadChad - Maximum Threshold Radio: SAMMY D - Vocals: WenDee S. Wilkes Toledo - Guitar
RUTHLESS - 2016 David Watson - Guitar: RadChad - Maximum Threshold Radio: SAMMY D - Vocals: WenDee S. Wilkes Toledo - Guitar

RUTHLESS – 2016 David Watson – Guitar:  RadChad – Maximum Threshold Radio: SAMMY D – Vocals:  David Toledo – Guitar                    
Pic by  Nicky Mae

Metal thrives on a mix of chaos and the mainstream’s disdain. Every genre has a cycle. Metal and hard rock bands have gone through various phases, and I think we’re going to experience this again and again.

In the ’80s, hard rock and heavy metal was in the spotlight and was probably the most important genre at the time. It was a voice of rebellion, the voice of a new young generation going up against the establishment. It became this hardcore movement that eventually had so many followers. From the Wall Street suites all the way down to little Timmy screaming and head banging to “Master of Puppets” in his room playing air guitar.

Rob Halford was quoted as saying, ‘People listen to music differently now. They don’t have time to sit down and put the record on and give it 30 minutes or whatever. It’s three minutes here, three minutes there, and go text and check Instagram. Who will be the next giant metal band, who knows.’

I couldn’t agree more with Halford’s comment. To me metal is so deep now and more underground that for some reason it’s becoming more credible than the mainstream stuff.. Go figure.

Sammy D (RUTHLESS) Photo Courtesy of Brent Banks

RUTHLESS, a hardcore metal band from the 80’s who has gone through various phases and band members, has always maintain their strong METAL status in the music scene since becoming a band. Sammy D (Lead Vocals) makes no apologies for sticking with the same sound that has seen them travel all over the countrysides entertaining the likes of the Timmy’s, Bankers, and probably your Parents before you were even conceived in the back of a Chevy.

Today Ruthless is still kicking ass with their brand of underground heavy metal music that still works in today’s mainstream world. Yes, the band has gone through many changes (Who Hasn’t) with Sammy D (Vocals) and David Watson (Guitars) being the only hold-overs from RUTHLESS.

David Watson & Sammy D (RUTHLESS) Photo Courtesy of Brent Banks

I had a chance to sit down with Sammy, David and their new guitarist David Toledo @ Shamrock’s Grill & Pub in Chino to talk about the bands changes ,taking 2017 by the big balls and just plain tomfoolery.

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