Interview with Hate Unbound’s Art Giammara – Vocalist

Hate Unbound – 2016 Guitar – Daryl Mitchell, Drums – Danny Kendall, Vocals – Art Giammara, Guitar – William Cundiff, Bass – John Kinder…

Hate Unbound – They’re loud, harsh, embrace metal in every sense of the word, and make no apologies about wanting to bring their dark heavy metal music to the city of Detroit that has spawned so many greats like “Alice Cooper,Halloween,Ted Nugent, and Iggy Pop” to name a few.

I spoke with Art Giammara – vocalist about touring with So Cal greats “Seeds of War and Heretic.” Hates future band plans and other topics.

MTRadChad: Thank you so much for speaking with Maximum Threshold Radio…Give us a brief history of Hate Unbound for those that are not familiar with the band?

Art: Our style is thrash influenced melodic death metal band out of Detroit MI. Hate Unbound was formed with members from other former bands about 2 years ago, and we have been writing and playing out ever since.

MTRadChad: I read that you guys will be opening up for the awesome like’s of Sacred Reich and Dying Fetus in Aug? Tells us what it means to you to share the same stage with these thrash legends?

Art: It means everything to me man, sharing the same stage as your heroes is an amazing feeling.

MTRadChad: What has been your most memorable Hate Unbound live show, and what are your upcoming tour plans?

Art: One of my most memorable moments was going on the road with Heretic. They had a tour last year for their shows here in Michigan. It was my first little tour and playing with them guys was great, we really learned a lot from playing with the pros.

As for our upcoming tour plans, we all have jobs which makes it currently challenging, but in June we look forward to being on the road again doing some long weekends and a couple of one off dates. We anticipate to be traveling to IN, IL, OH, NJ, and here in MI.

MTRadChad: Does Hate have any plans in the works on making a new music or an album for their metal maniac fans? And if so, how did this songwriting and/or recording process compare to your previous music?

Art: Great question we are currently in the studio working on our first full length album.

The songwriting and recording process is more intense since our EP as we are putting all our best efforts in to make the best album possible. We are working with Nick Morris from As They Sleep for full length he did great job on the EP and can’t wait to get our new album out.

MTRadChad: How has this band’s style evolved/progressed from when Hate first started?

Art: Our style has really evolved in the most brutal way possible. We are a lot more creative with the song writing.

Art Giammara – 2016

MTRadChad: One thing that truly tugs at my heart is hearing about the drinking – water situation in Michigan. I see Hate Unbound is from the state of Michigan where that Water Crisis in Flint is still happening to this day? Little kids drinking contaminated water and becoming ill. Is Hate Unbound going to be getting involved with this horrific incident like the other bands and musicians from all over will be?

Art: Yah man its sic and tragic and really there is no way to correct the problem. We would really like to help out in anyway.

MTRadChad: What’s the metal scene like in Mich? Is it hard for bands of today? I know Wayne Static (R.I.P.) is from there, Correct?

Art: The scene here is really hit or miss, we have a lot of great clubs that are trying to build the scene back up. It’s as hard as you make it for yourself. I’ve seen bands succeed and also a lot have failed. It’s all about the effort and the hunger you have to make it.

Yes, Wayne was from Muskegon up north from us.

MTRadChad: How did this make you feel hearing what happen to Wayne, being he is kinda a local/hero where you guys hail from?

Art: Man I was heartbroken I grew up on Static X Wisconsin Death trip is one of my favorite albums. To many icons have passed in music lately.

MTRadChad: As of today, what’s the current status of Hate Unbound?

Art: Well we are looking to put the album out this year and grow our fan base as much as possible.

MTRadChad: Thank you so much Art. I enjoyed our talk. Anything else you’d like to add, mention, or promote before we let you go?

Art: Tell your friends about us, find us online and follow, every bit helps us out. Thanks for having me it was a blast for me also.

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