Photo Courtesy of Band :  Travis Johnson – Vocals..  Brian Jackson – Guitars.. Matt Snell – Bass.. Marcos Medina – Guitars.. Darren Badorine – Drums

It’s late October in Hollywood, Ca. and while many of you in the Los Angeles area, (maybe the whole entire State of California) are so preoccupied with the worst politics in the world, I made my way down to the Troubadour where I’m about to experience a musical event of ginormous proportions for the first time, the Hellrzzr tour with newly formed INVIDIA, White Knuckle Riot and Vyces.

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INVIDIA a band that has been in the works since 2015 and even though most of the members of the band have known each other for awhile, Travis Johnson (of In This Moment) and Brian Jackson – guitars (formerly of Skinlab) were the ones that got the ball rolling. Bring in Matt Snell, one hell of a bass player who used to head bang with this  little band called FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. Add in guitarist Marcos Medina (formerly of Skinlab) and the smashing likes of Darren Badorine – drums,  and you have one of the hard hitting bands to be reckoned with.

Their music speaks for itself and the energy delivered by this band is enough to keep you engaged in their high octane performance. After the opening song , Travis dives right into another track. The two guitarists and bass player lay down a thick, heavy metal industrious  sound and when Matt Snell, joins in on the backing vocals duties, it all blends well with an all-out energetic assault on the stage.

Attempting to label INVIDIA as just another heavy metal band would be doing them a disservice, as the band encompasses stylistic nuances from many genres, incorporating hard rock, metal and in my opinion, some punk elements into a truly ASS KICKING sound. And it definitely showed on this HELLRZZRING night!

Matt Snell – from INVIDIA was kind enough to take some time out from a very busy first night and speak with me on their tour RV- mobile.  click here



Sacramento’s own, White Knuckle Riot, consist of, Johnny Schizo ECV (vocals)Misfire ECV (bass), Brian “Beatdown” Kelly – (Drums/Percussion), Sam “Sever” Davidson (Lead Guitar) and from Van Nuys, Ca. Carlos Pagan (Rhythm Guitar), who offered guest support with their crushing Nor Cal sound.

WKR delivered a set that pummeled the audience and brought the already energized crowd to a feeding frenzy of musical aggression. As soon as the band broke into their first song, the fans erupted with screams, and the head banging and the moshing was off to the races.  The guitar duo of Sam “The Server” and Carlos Pagan are machines on the guitars, Johnny Schizo provides the menacing vocal layers over the relentless rhythm as their song sections offers a plethora of chunky riffs mixed with intricate and tasty grooves . Their music blurs the lines between genres and styles, and the mix of technical prowess and dirty metal grooves that blended well with bassists Misfire  & drummer “Beatdown” Kelly. When it was all said and done, the band played a blistering  set that was both powerful and intense.

Overall this was an excellent triple bill, featuring outstanding performances from all three bands. If you have the opportunity to check any of these bands out on this tour or any tours to come, I highly suggest you do so – you will not be disappointed!

Check out the interview I did with White Knuckle Riot after the show for Maximum Threshold Radio where WKR’s discusses their most recent record ‘AMURDICA’  (Available Now), touring cycle, their love for all military, as well what the future may ultimately hold for the band.  click here



INVIDIA – Travis Johnson – Vocals… HELLRZZR TOUR – 2016

INVIDIA – Brian Jackson – Guitars..HELLRZZR TOUR – 2016

INVIDIA – Travis Johnson and  Matt Snell – Bass…HELLRZZR TOUR – 2016

INVIDIA – Marcos Medina – Guitars…HELLRZZR TOUR – 2016

INVIDIA – Matt Snell – Bass…HELLRZZR TOUR – 2016

WHITE KNUCKLE RIOT – Johnny Schizo ECV – Vocals

WHITE KNUCKLE RIOT – Sam “Sever” Davidson – Lead Guitar

WHITE KNUCKLE RIOT – Carlos Pagan – Rhythm Guitar

WHITE KNUCKLE RIOT – Brian “Beatdown” Kelly – Drums/Percussion


WKR – 2016

WKR – 2016

WKR – 2016

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