Bands to Check out – Featured Artists on MT Radio

Bands to Check out – Featured Artists on MT Radio

Gyps Fulvus – Location : NYC , USA

NYC songwriter/composer/multi-instrumentalist/producer Gyps Fulvus

Nocturnes For Nightmares, the debut album, was released in October 2010 (re-released in 2011). It’s in the vein of Gothic Electronica, Ambient, Soundscapes.

Invocations, was released in April, 2012. It’s much harsher, grittier, and abrasive with more Guitars in the forefront.

Gyps Fulvus III: Reflections, Revelations and Roads Less Taken, was released January 31, 2014.
– Disc one is in the Industrial Metal, Dark Ambient, Experimental vein.
– Disc two is an hour long Symphonic Opus, influenced heavily by film scores.

THE LICH, a conceptual release, is to emerge on April 30, 2016. Stylistically, it’s influenced by Symphonic Black Metal, Gothic Metal, and Progressive Rock. A vocal edition and instrumental edition of The Lich will be released together in CD and digital download.

For a detailed biography, visit the official website:

All music can be purchased online in digital stores (iTunes, Amazon MP3, Bandcamp, CDBaby, etc.) or directly through

MOURNINGWAGON – Location: Cleveland, OH USA

mw1Veterans of the trenches of Cleveland, we’re doing it for the love of music & the promise of free, cheap beer. Plus the occasional flasher.

Genre: Hard Rock, Bossanova, Groove Metal

MourningWagon – Official | FB | Twitter | Youtube


Blue Movie – Location : NYC , USA

From inception, Blue Movie has set out to make a unique collection of original music that treads the fine lines between musical genres. From studio to stage, the band strives to relay sincere, real emotion in all of their musical endeavors.
Blue Movie ‘s sound encapsulates many of the band’s various musical influences which include hard edged guitar riffs, driving bass runs, uncensored drumming, deep stirring synth lines, and catchy vocal phrasing. With “that” elusive concept cemented, the band released their debut EP, “8MM Love Songs” in late 2012 spawning their single Murder Will Out. The concept of this video inspired local comic artists/publications to create a compilation comic based on the band’s real life events while tying in their music to the storylines. With the release of “On The Loose” -“The Blue Movie Chronicles” the band found themselves at NYC Comic Con 3 years running.
The sequel, “Delusions in Technicolor” (2014), further expressed the band’s ability to once again morph their sound while pushing the bar of their writing and production skills in the studio. “Sewing Shadows”- track 3 from Delusions, best showcases the intricacies of their studio work as well as an array of ear catching melodies and blending of textures which set the mood for this EP. The Epic 8 minute music video for Sewing along with 2 comic releases that year (Survive the Five & Revelations Pt1), catapulted Blue Movie into the sub-pop genre world of Zombies and monsters.
With their latest release titled “Synthetic III” (2015), Blue Movie adopted the alias “Black Film”, embracing a darker tonality with raw aggressive energy. Title tracks “Nebula” & “Electric Water” leave no doubts as to the band’s abilities to stay ahead of the curve of todays multi faceted music scene. The elaborate and conceptual musical content of Synthetic III, required Blue Movie to revamp their line up as well as their live performance so as to translate “their unique sound and message” without any misconceptions. Currently performing live as a trio, with guest musical performers, keeps their sound and shows fresh and unique. Performances are ever the same!
Keeping with the intrigue of Blue Movie, the band released SYNTHETIC III under the name “Black Film” spawning debate and confusion for their fans new and old. “Why do this”? Simply put Blue Movie responds, “with a new line up and a new sound we felt it was best to not have the past associated with the current. The anthesis of Blue to us is Black and Movie is Film”. The alter ego is born and with it multiple social media sites and images are now representing the band in 2 different parallel platforms. With this new development “Echoes Across Time”, Blue Movie’s or Black Film’s, 4th comic is released which ties in the real – life story of this transition while continuing the chronicles of the band’s misadventures through alternate universes all while being hunted by their arch-evil nemesis “Summer”.
Blue Movie have headlined various shows have shared the stage with The Hollywood Undead, Puddle of Mudd, Buckcherry, Mindset Evolution as well as others.
Their live show is a “must see” experience defined as pure Chaos & Order.

Blue Movie – Official | FB | Twitter | Soundcloud

ADOpngADO – York, PA

ADO is a Rock band based out of York PA that was started in 2014 by singer/songwriter Junyjun. Ado is a word in the old greek language that simply means singing. The acronym ADO stands After Death Occurred. It means we had to die to our insecurities, doubts, fears, etc in order to live out our artistic passion, and in doing so, we sing about it. In light of the fact that rock has gotten a bad rap in the past, the band has a mission to serve as a positive influence to all their fans. For this reason, ADO does not write songs that are depressing, demeaning or condescending toward women, gays or lesbians, religions, race, color of skin, or anything that makes us different and unique beings. We believe everyone should be respected for their differences and valued as a human being. ADO’s songs have a positive ring to them with a funky vibe, they are energetic, and you will find yourself wanting to dance.


ADO band members:

  1. Junyjun – Front man/Guitarist/Songwriter
  2. Ivy – Guitarist/Vocalist
  3. Yarie – Bass/Vocalist
  4. Ish – Keyboard/Drums

Connect with them :

ADO : Official| Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Other

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