Show Review : MourningWagon lit up The Cleveland Agora Ballroom this past weekend

Mourning Wagon – Stephen Homan, Shannon Henkel, Dom Rini, Michael Strong

Veterans of the Cleveland scene the band MourningWagon made their return appearance to the Cleveland Agora Ballroom this past Saturday July 8th night with the legendary band King’s X and show opener and long time music rocker and Cleveland native Rick Ray and his dynamic band. It was indeed a packed house, would think it was sold out.

Rick Ray Band opened the show with tracks off their latest release and really got the crowd warmed up. Rick Ray stood his ground off to stage left and was in his own world rippin’ solo’s off and performing songs from his catalog.

MourningWagon armed with the destruction on stage that they are known for, took to the stage with their classic hit “Ride” and with the scream from drummer Michael Strong stating “Hello Cleveland we are Motley Crue” they went right into song with the blistering opening.  Some some say this song has the early vibe of Metallica’s “Hit the Lights” as the intro. But make no mistake this was no cover band, as this band stands alone and shows no compromise. “Fight” was next song and bassist Stephen Homan took to the mic to sing, the rest of the band let it all out and

Mourning Wagon – Stephen Homan, Shannon Henkel, Dom Rini, Michael Strong

kept the steady and precise playing to keep this song strong. Michael Strong donned the mic for the next song with the popular “Dead Rising,” it was nice to see fans of MW sing along with him, not to mention the shredding guitar solo by Dom Rini.  Yes “Dom Rini has his very own guitar” and Michael was sure to point that out to the crowd and received a huge pop from the audience on that.

MourningWagon’s Michael Strong – photo by Jason Causely

Continuing with Michael on the vocals the band rolled right into the moshable track “Be The Change.” Homan took to the mic to sing the following next few songs. The historic track “Blind” always sets the tone of the show as it brings it back to the sweet sound of melody and feeling. MW tried out a new song to the crowd titled “Wrong” and was pretty cool to see the song that the fans were really into the new song. The first few rows looks like they wanted to dance or something a lot of writhing was going on with this melodic masterpiece. Saw a lot of fists in the air and smiles. Great new song to add to their setlist and a pretty rocking solo. Closing the set was their trademark song “What You Don’t Know” and the crowd was really digging the band and singing along with them at the end of the song.

This part is simple. “King’s X did what they were known to do, bring the house down!”

Please follow the band at the following sites

MourningWagon : Official | Facebook | Youtube | Spotify | iTunes

Michael Strong – drums

Shannon Henkel – Guitars/backup vocals

Stephen Homan – bass/vocals

Dom Rini – lead guitar

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