L.A. Guns Live Gramercy Theater NYC 8/2/17

L.A. Guns Live Gramercy Theater NYC 8/2/17

Show review by: David Pinchefsky

I’ve been a huge fan of  L.A. Guns since the early 80s, and, in fact, it’s been the first time I have seen the Guns as their own headlining show since 1988. Fast forward to 2017, the sold out show kicked off around 10pm with “No Mercy” and “Electric Gypsy” The ecstatic crowd was loud and over the top, often singing louder than the P.A. System during these songs.

The band was firing on all cylinders and seemed to be enjoying playing together after the many years apart. What can I say about Tracii Guns, this guitar hero shreads! This is the best working band since the Cocked and Loaded lineup. With Guns and Phil Lewis on lead vocals back together again the sky is the limit moving forward. This was proved at tonight’s live New York City performance. The band is completed by top of the line musicians Jonny Martin on Bass, Shane Fitzgibbon on drums, and New York City’s own Michael Grant on guitar. I can’t wait for the new album is released in October 2017.

The atmosphere in the venue was full of energy during songs “Bitch is Back, and “Sex Action” cuts from the debut self titled album from 1988. Dual guitarists Guns and Grant showed off their technical prowess during “The Flood’s the Fault of the Rain” and “Kiss My Love Goodbye”. Both guitarists playing were a great thing to watch, enjoy, and appreciate. This alone was worth the price of admission.

The show concluded with the power ballad hit “ Ballad of Jayne” where Phil Lewis daughter jumped on stage and sung a chorus with her dad. A very cool moment! There was one encore played “Rip and Tear” off the 1989 platinum Cocked and Loaded album.

Overall, this was one of the best shows I have covered in a long time. A talented band with great songs which are timeless. The audience left the venue satisfied and happy they ventured out on a summer Wednesday night in New York City.

Finally, Maximum Threshold Radio would like to thank L.A. Guns tour manager Scotty Ludwick for his hospitality and opportunity to cover the show. Scotty runs a class organization and was nice working with him.

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