Concert Review – “THE CULT” @ The Hard Rock Rocksino Cleveland, Ohio 3/29/2016

The Cult - Northfielf Hard Rock Rocksino - photo by Michael Strong
The Cult - Northfielf Hard Rock Rocksino - photo by Michael Strong

The Cult – Northfield Hard Rock Rocksino – photo by Michael Strong

Concert Review -“The Cult”
@ The Hard Rock Rocksino
Cleveland, Ohio
by: Michael Strong

More often than not, a live Cult performance is a mystifying experience that places the legions of fans in a trance with their sensual, hypnotic music. Tonight was no exception. Ian Asbury, in the most jovial mood I’ve ever seen from His Majesty, cast the spell much like a shaman and the crowd was in the palm of his hand all night. Asbury’s voice sounds as regal and commanding as ever and in my opinion, he is the best tambourine player. The other half of the Cult’s original core, the unsung guitar hero, Billy Duffy, hulked over his various guitars, physically imposing his will.
Highlights off the new album “Hidden City” such as “Birds in Paradise”, “Hinderland” and the slow burning “Deeply Ordered Chaos” blended seamlessly with the Cult’s classic cuts from all the way back to “Horse Nation”. Oldies such as “Rain” and “She Sells Sanctuary” sound just as fresh and vibrant as the first time hearing them on the left side of the radio dial back in 1985, leaving little doubt that they were one of the originators of the whole goth movement, before shifting to the visceral rock and roll animal they are mostly known as. “Wildflower”, “Lil Devil”, “Sweet Soul Sister”, “Fire Woman” and the pounding force “Rise” displayed why live rock music, performed by true musicians, is still a beautiful thing. Ian implored the audience to put down your f’n phones and live in the moment, instead of videoing everything before “She Sells Sanctuary”. Then, during the closing bars, said “if you want more music, put down your phones”…not as a rant, but more as to say that we should enjoy life, don’t just take pictures as proof. The encore was another new track, “GOAT” with a slinky groove and an almost rap-like vocal cadence. The show closer, of course, couldn’t be anything except “Love Removal Machine”

The band is fleshed out by the extremely talented and longtime Cult member, John Tempesta, driving the bus on the drums, Damon Fox on rhythm guitar/keyboards and Grant Fitzpatrick on bass. Ian and Billy are the main attraction, but they are willing to share the glow of the spotlight with their guys.

The only drawbacks of being such a long tenured band is having to leave great songs off the set list, such as the iconic “Peace Dog” and anything off the “Ceremony” album. Maybe the time constraints of playing the Hard Rock Casino caused for some hard cuts to the set list. Leaving the crowd spent and wanting more, The Cult are in top form for 2016.

Click below  to check out the new THE CULT track “Goat”

The Cult: GOAT
Directed by Juan Azulay

Ian Astbury, lead singer of legendary British rock band The Cult, talks about the inspiration behind their latest video, shot in the Everglades, Little Haiti and Liberty City in Miami:

“The film depicts amateur mixed-martial-arts fighter Orlando Friol alongside his trainer and mentor Diego de Vera of Miami’s Knockout Zone Gym. The song’s title is an acronym for ‘Greatest of All Time’. We were tapping into The Cult’s identification as cultural outsiders, revealing the mystique of a lone fighter who, through discipline and integrity, rises up against all odds.”

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