Friday Night – Jan 12 – MOURNINGWAGON rides again with Evil Lunar Creatures and The Dirty Baxters

This Friday night January 12, at the Phantasy Nite Club in Lakewood, OH the legendary band MOURNINGWAGON will be taking to the stage once again.  Along with Evil Lunar Creatures and The Dirty Baxters it will no doubt be a memorable event.

If you are looking for something to do next Friday Night the 12th. Make your way to the Phantasy and check out some of Northeast Ohio’s most powerful hard rock acts.

The Dirty Baxters, Evil Lunar Creatures and MourningWagon will take the stage and leave you a memory that will linger.

Hope to see you on January 12th at the Phantasy Concert Club.  Bring your friends, kids, neighbors and enemies.

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Thanks for taking a few seconds to read this. I have been with MTRS since its inception. Love doing the live broadcasts and interviewing my hero's and other very interesting people over the decade of this. MTR is my therapy. Have always looked at this site and station as being part of the solution for the artists. We have NEVER pushed our own agenda, it has always been in the name of the bands, the music and the direction in which we have an influence in helping. We are part of the solution. Its simple! We are here to help bands and entertainers succeed. We go way far beyond of what is expected of a station/PR piece.