DIRKSCHNEIDER TO RETURN TO THE CLEVELAND AGORA MARCH 3 – with Elm Street, MourningWagon and Hell and Back

DIRKSCHNEIDER TO RETURN TO CLEVELAND MARCH 3 – with Elm Street, MourningWagon and Hell and Back

Udo Dirkschneider, the original voice of the coveted band ACCEPT will be making his annual trek back to Cleveland to deliver the goods to the masses.  A tour donned as Back To The Roots Part II at The Agora will no doubt provide fans of early Accept music a true treat.  Breaking out the classics, and deep cuts in the mix it will no doubt be a very memorable event.

Saturday March 3

Tickets : $26

VIP : $72.80

Also special guests: Elm Street, MourningWagon and HellandBack

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The Agora will be heating up when Dirkschneider comes to town on 3/3 🔥

Tickets & Info: http://bit.ly/2sHjkZk

Check out some of the bands that will be performing that night.

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