Featuring Authority Zero, The Supervillains, and Jon Gazi (of West Lindy)
Friday Sept 1st @ The Agora Theatre, Cleveland OH
Doors: 7:00pm
Show: 8:00pm
Tix: $14/$16
Ages: ALL
Authority Zero and the Supervillains will be hitting the road together this summer, co-headlining the “Broadcasting To The Nations Tour”. Starting August 3rd in Tucson, AZ, the six-week tour will hit the Southwest, Texas, East Coast, Great Lakes, and will conclude in the Rocky Mountains. Both bands are armed with brand-new records, and with a long tour history between the Arizona-based Authority Zero and Florida’s Supervillains, expect a high-energy, chaotic punk/ska death-match every single night. Opening the show will be Jon Gazi from the band West Lindy, bringing his one-man “Rockalypso” carnival all the way from St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.
After 20 years of meandering around the borders of the ska/punk genre that birthed them, the Supervillains return right back to their mercurial beginnings with their ninth studio album “Nice Things”. The release also brings the band back into the Law Records fold, (the imprint owned by longtime friends Pepper) that put out the band’s arguably two biggest records “Grow Yer Own” (2006) and “Massive”(2008). This overwhelmingly fast-paced record proceeds to kick your ass from the appropriately-named opener “I Will Destroy You” all the way to the final track, a driving reggae rendition of Nine Inch Nails’ classic “Head Like A Hole”. Complete with blazing guitars, brassy horn lines, and particularly salty lyrics from both vocalists (and band co-founders) Dom Maresco and Scott Suldo, “Nice Things” hearkens back to the late-nineties ska sound of sweaty mosh-pits and heavy skanking. With songs about chicks, weed, angst, politics, etc., “Nice Things” never gets too off-topic, and clocking in at just over 30 minutes definitely gets straight to the point. Whatever that point is, just know that it’s Fast. And LOUD. (“Nice Things” comes out on Law Records on August 4th, 2017)

EXCLUSIVE***Check out “I Will Destroy You” (BRAND NEW) by The Supervillains:

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