Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats- “The Night Creeper” (2015 Rise Above Records)

uncle-acid-the-night-creeperReview By :Jeff Blackburn

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats are known throughout the underground, the true underground of rock n roll. The mythos of Uncle Acid  began in 2010 with the surfacing of  “Volume 1”. To further send the gutter pop masses into frenzy, 2012’s “Blood Lust” propelled  The Acid Coven to the top of Mount Sabbath.

“Blood Lust” will always be the measuring stick to which the band is judged, fair or not. The vibe on each Uncle Acid offering changes with each release, and such is the case here.  While “Blood Lust” was a tribute to British Hammer and early 70’s horror films, 2013’s “Mind Control”  was more of a Charles Manson peace, love and murder vibe with a dash of Jim Jones sprinkled with influences of Blue Cheer and The Beatles. “The Night Creeper” is a different beast all together. The opening track “Waiting For Blood” paints a horrific picture of  the mind. Filled with dirty, at times down right filthy riffs, and the solid low end and deafening drums that gets the blood pumping. There are tons of heavy/bluesy moments that go into a Black Sabbath homage without coming across as even trying. For recorded sonic evidence of such, take a bite out of “Pusher Man” for a subconscious trip to “Sabotage” doused with MC5 attitude narrated  by John Lennon.The fourth effort by Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats sees the fellas progressing and perfecting  their craft. The instrumental track “Yellow Moon” is an attention getting trip with a “Solitude” vibe. Don’t think that The Coven  blatantly rips off The Godfathers of the riff. The influence comes through in an original, and fresh perspective. The solos that seemingly come out of nowhere are violent, and jar ears like an unexpected knife strike. The band has collectively gotten tighter in every aspect that made them ‘cult legend”. The ever so lost art of three part harmonies is bigger than ever. The music puts you in a dark, damp alley as an unseen eye to the story being told on the album.

Overall, “The Night Creeper” is a 10 out of 10. All the elements that made you blindlessly follow as a deadbeat yourself are hear and turned up to 11. Uncle Acid is the anti-hero, spitting in the face of all the self worshiped rock stars and idols that are front and center. There isn’t any radio support, no music television ( is that even a thing anyway??) support, hell  Kevin Starrs ( AKA Uncle Acid) doesn’t like promoting himself, and without his vision, no part of the technicolor head trip would be so vivid and visible in the mind. Calling all deadbeats, lovers of  the riff, fuzz, and macabre, you  should be hip to your favorite Uncle.


Track List

1- Waiting For Blood

2- Murder Nights

3- Downtown

4- Pusher Man

5- Yellow Moon

6- Melody Lane

7- The Night Creeper

8- Inside

9- Slow Death

10- Black Motorcade (Hidden Track)

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