Orden Ogan – The Book Of Ogan.. Release date April 29th

Orden Ogan - 2016 Seeb Levermann - vocals/guitars, Tobias Kersting - guitars, Nils Löffler- bass, Dirk Meyer-Beerhorn - drums.
Orden Ogan - 2016 Seeb Levermann - vocals/guitars, Tobias Kersting - guitars,  Nils Löffler- bass, Dirk Meyer-Beerhorn - drums.

Orden Ogan – 2016 Seeb Levermann – vocals/guitars, Tobias Kersting – guitars, Nils Löffler- bass, Dirk Meyer-Beerhorn – drums.

German power metal force ORDEN OGAN follows up on the success of their latest studio album „Ravenhead“ (which became an international chart success in 2015) with their first ever DVD release. But “The Book Of Ogan”, due out on April 29th, is so much more than that… The package consists of 2 DVDs (running time 6 hours – incl. 2 full Live concerts, extensive band documentary, all music videos & numerous specials) and 2 CDs (“All These Dark Years – The Best Of 2008 – 2015” and the self-released/demo “Testimonium a.d.” from 2004). While the “Best Of” is an exclusive selection of the band’s hits and fan favorites from their four albums, “Testimonium a.d.” is made available for the first time ever as official label release here. It received highest ratings in the demo sections of the leading metal magazines back then and is dealt for up to 500€ (!). „The Book Of Ogan“ comes as deluxe 2DVD/2CD box set (hardcover, separate trays for each disc, 40-pages booklet) and is a must for both longtime followers and new fans!

“Compiling all the material for “The Book Of Ogan” was a huge effort”, band leader Seeb explains. “I have underestimated the dimension of this project completely, to be honest. At first it started with the idea of releasing a Live DVD plus bonus material. Then we wanted to add a “Best Of” CD and finally my idea of producing a “little” documentary about the band’s history became an extensive trip through two decades which resulted in a 90-minutes long piece of work. All the video material appearing in the documentary of course is only a fraction of what we had to go through, select and edit. But also interviews with many former and current Orden Ogan members were filmed especially for this release. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun as well. After everything was finished, we (the band mates) were meeting to watch it as a whole. The result: Laughing out loud but also shaking heads in disbelief.”

For “The Book Of Ogan” two entire concerts were filmed in Germany 2015 (Rockharz festival and a club show in Bamberg). Combined with the extensive documentary, all music videos, additional live clips, making ofs and specials, the DVD content of “The Book Of Ogan” clocks in at almost 6 hours!

Regarding the Live recordings, Seeb states: “To me it doesn’t make sense to rework Live recordings later on in the studio overly. Of course, everything should be mixed properly (and this is what we did), but if there are mistakes in the performance, you should keep it real. Otherwise it’s not “Live””.




DVD 1: Documentary – The History Of Orden Ogan
01. Introduction
02. Part I: 1996-2008 – Becoming A Band 03: Part II: 2008 – Vale
04: Part III: 2010 – Easton Hope
05: Part IV: 2012 – To The End
06. Part V: 2015 – Ravenhead
07: Part VI: 2015 – ? – Conclusion

Music videos:
2004: Angels War
2008: The Lords Of The Flies 2010: We Are Pirates!
2010: Easton Hope
2012: The Things We Believe In 2012: Land Of The Dead
2012: Masks
2015: F.E.V.E.R

Bonus content:
– The Making Of “To The End”
– “Rhapsody”-Tour Report
– The Making Of “The Things We Believe In”
DVD 2: Orden Ogan Live
Orden Ogan Live At Rock Harz Open Air 2015 01. Orden Ogan
02. F.E.V.E.R
03. Deaf Among The Blind
04. We Are Pirates!
05. Farewell
06. Ravenhead
07. Here At The End Of The World 08. Sorrow Is Your Tale
09. Announcement
10. The Things We Believe In
ORDEN OGAN Live At Brose Arena Bamberg 2015 01. Orden Ogan
02. F.E.V.E.R
03. To New Shores Of Sadness
04. The Lords Of The Flies 05. To The End
06. Ravenhead
07. We Are Pirates!
08. Deaf Among The Blind 09. The Things We Believe In
Bonus content:
“Angels War” Live At Summer Breeze 2013 – “Easton Hope” Live At Wacken 2010
“Rites Of Vale” Animated Comic
“Masks” Alternative Clip
Festival Report 2013
EMP/Rockinvasion Interview At Summer Breeze 2013 – Rock Hard Interview At Bang Your Head 2015
Sons Of Metal Interview In Paris 2014 / 2015

CD 1: “All These Dark Years – The Best Of 2008 – 2015”
1. To The End
2. F.E.V.E.R
3. All These Dark Years
4. The Things We Believe In 5. To New Shores Of Sadness 6. A Reason To Give
7. Farewell
8. We Are Pirates!
9. The Lords Of The Flies
10. The Ice Kings
11. Deaf Among The Blind
12. Masks
13. Ravenhead
14. Requiem

CD 2: “Testimonium a.d.” (Demo 2004)
1. Testimonium a.d. 2. Ethereal Ocean 3. Angels War
4. Moods
5. Y, U, Id Ant My 6. Golden
7. The Step Away


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