EXUMER – Raging Tides (Metal Blade Records 2016) CD Review

Exumer_-_The_Raging_Tides.jpgEXUMER – Raging Tides (Metal Blade Records 2016)

2016 is starting to pick up steam and the sweet sounds of thrash are starting to fill the air. A nice way to break in a classic band with new material is the German thrash band EXUMER.

Listening to this release is such a nice fall-back to the early thrash days. EXUMER fills this release with the way-back machine with the vibe of early Exodus, Slayer, Mortal Sin, and Overkill. It may have that classical sound to it but make no mistake, “this release is one that delivers a molotov cocktail to your skull”. It is unrelentless, there are no sissy tracks in this release. It’s an ass whipping over and over and over!


One of the items that I enjoy with The Raging Tides is the clever lyrics. It is spit at you and pretty catchy. Kind of funny at times, you’ll get the vibe of what is coming up next. The guitars lines are what you would expect, strong riffs, and real thrashy. There are not a lot of solo’s in this release which is something that would take this release over the top, the solo’s that you get to hear are extremely great and memorable. What is missing in the soloing is made up with the thrashy riffs.

Conceptually and lyrically, vocalist Mem V. Stein has based the bulk of the record around human suffering. Specifically, he adds it is suffering “caused by torture or other means for political, religious, or personal gain for the individuals/organizations who inflict the pain. The album is called “The Raging Tides“, and the title represents the ebb and flow of human misery and despair around the globe.” These topics are obviously not born from a vacuum, rather they are essentially a constant in daily lives in 2015, both by way of the modern 24 hour news cycle, and document leaks and controversy via wikileaks or figures like Edward Snowden. Stein continues: “The lyrics I wrote were inspired by a wide range of books and articles I read, ranging from the investigation of tactics employed by the CIA, to Amnesty International reports on conditions in prisons (Song; Brand of Evil), and in Nigeria (extreme forms of human abuse – Song; Welcome to Hellfire).” Specifics details aren’t necessarily called out in the lyrics, rather the topics are clear for listeners who can read between the lines, so to speak. Another example is the track “Shadow Walker,” that touches on those who leave promising lives to pursue radical ideologies and even death, only to be deceived by those they follow for larger political and personal goals.

Overall : 9/10 . This release will be one you will want to check out. It is powerful, thrash at its roots and not a mellow track. Definitely one that will make you want to mosh around your house or beat the guy up in the passenger seat while you speed down the street blaring EXUMER head banging and pounding your fist in the air.Oh, and did I mention Rob Dukes busting out a track in “Hostage To Heaven”. Super bad ass! Plus the solo will blow your mind!

TRACKLIST – EXUMER – “The Raging Tides”

01. The Raging Tides
02. Brand Of Evil
03. Catatonic
04. Sacred Defense
05. Welcome To Hellfire
06. Sinister Souls

Mem V. Stein – vocals
Ran Mensh – guitars
T. Schiavo – bass
Matthias Kassner – drums
Marc B. – guitars

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