Death Angel -The Evil Divide (2016 Nuclear Blast)

death-angel-the-evil-divide-artworkDeath Angel have always been that thrash band that is mistakenly left out of the biggest thrash bands debate that has seemingly gone on forever, while being the peoples champion with their undying cult like following. Since the live reformation in 2001, and the release of 2004’s “The Art of Dying”, the band has been a fine tuned machine of power and precision leveling anything that gets in their way. 2016 flips the switch, and sees the band prepping for total domination with the release of their eight studio offering “The Evil Divide”.

Always on the cusp of thrash acclaim as it compares to bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax, many “experts” label the band as the second tier of thrash with bands including Exodus, Testament, and Overkill. Undeservedly so they are compared to the big bands that came out of the bay area to critical acclaim and fanfare and “the bottom line” figures of record sales. Death Angel have always been  ahead of other bands in the precision and technicality aspects of thrash, and had the reliability of masterful  guitarist Rob Cavestany  in their ranks. Fast forward to 2016, along with his long tenured fellow guitarist Ted Aguilar, the band has one of the best guitar duos of modern time. “The Evil Divide” kicks off  with “The Moth” , a letter of unanimous intent  and instantly gives way to the blistering assault of a band firing on all cylinders collectively. Will Carroll is a beast behind the drums, and shatters expectations every time he victimizes his kit. Pairing Carroll’s ruthless aggression with bassist Damien Sisson, the listener can only imagine the devastation that is to come with each passing track. “Lost”  is  Death Angel at their melodic best, while maintaining the massive low end of the thunderous rhythm section. Mark Osegueda’s vocals have never sounded better as he breaks sonic barriers going to that higher note, outdoing himself yet again. Coincidentally, with each album, it seems to fit in the landscapes of the present day and is evident on tracks such as “Cause For Alarm” and “It Can’t Be This” which boasts ” Don’t know what I want, but I know that it’s not this”, fitting for watching any political debate or the evening news.

Overall, “The Evil Divide” is a 10/10. It expands on everything that has been a staple in the Death Angel sound and multiplies tenfold. It’s riddled full of aggression, melody, and levels the masterful work the band has put out in recent years. For all those that still wholeheartedly buy into what has recently come from the legends that are Metallica and Slayer, open your ears to the best album to come out of the Bay Area in quite some time. The Evil Divide” takes the Bay Area crown by force, and sets Death Angel as it’s crowning jewel. The solos throughout the album are razor sharp, and even feature Andreas Kisser of Sepultura on one of the most vicious tracks “Hatred United, United Hate”.  Death Angel are back, and better than ever! If you don’t know what you want, and you know you are sick of the same old thing… “The Evil Divide” can be it.

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Track List:

1.- The Moth
2.- Cause For Alarm
3.- Lost
4.- Father of Lies
5.- Hell To Pay
6.- It Can’t Be This
7.- Hatred United, United Hate
8.- Breakaway
9.- The Electric Cell
10.- Let the Pieces Fall

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