CD Review: Words That Burn – REGRET IS FOR THE DEAD (2016)

Words That Burn – REGRET IS FOR THE DEAD (2016)

Yes, these bad asses are back at it again! This time the rain has soaked in the ground and everyone had the opportunity to delve deep into their last release “Praey” and it was a success. Words That Burn drew much international attention from their debut and took the time and dedication to follow it up with their latest effort “Regret is For the Dead.”

Overall: 9.5/10Regret is For The Dead” the new release and the vibe is strong and it pulls you in and captivates you.  This release does this to a “T.”  Give this release a few spins and understanding the vibe of the overall; this CD clearly does it. “Regret is For The Dead”, “is like getting your skull smashed in by a speeding truck side-swiping it!”

My favorite tracks on this release are “Unalive“, “Scars” and “In This Moment,” “Hush“, it is really hooky, great drive and power driven vocally as well as musically. As with this release each track is melodically driven and delivers the punch and does not let down. These guys have got to be great to see live. Especially when they perform their newer material.  If you are looking for something fresh and new sounding check out these guys Words That Burn and grab this release today!

Words That BurnRegret is For The Dead (2016)


  • Our New Sin
  • Unalive
  • Disappear
  • Chalklines
  • Hush
  • Scars
  • Mirror Perfect Mannequin
  • In This Moment
  • The Phoenix
  • Last Breath

In late 2014 WTB signed International record, distribution and publishing deal with Wormholedeath / Aural Records / Warner Chappell Holland (BV). The band hit the rehearsal rooms in January 2015 to hone their sound further and take it to the next level. In July of the same year they flew to beautiful Tuscany in Italy, where they spent a month recording their first full length offering.

Words That Burn

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