Vredehammer-Violator-digitalfront-4000x4000.jpgVredehammer is back and with a furey. The second release and “Violator” is a true destructive release. This is an extreme thrash-fest from beginning to end. It is totally unrelentless, and listening to the talent involved in the making of this is really makes you smile.  These Norwegian fellas has a strong history of releasing phenomenal material. Their last release “Vinteroffer” whos was nominated for “metal album of the year” through the Norwegian Grammys.

Knowing the intensity of their last release and criticism of the last one the sophomore release would have to be hard to beat the bar that they have already created.  Make no mistakes “Violator” crushes their last release. The power section of the drummer keeps the music flowing and the riff masters on the strings bleed throughout. Vocally, this is iconically strong and constant. Creative lyrics and melodic lines reign throughout. It may be gravelly but it has that “Anselmo meets Blythe esque” kinda sound to it, which is nice.

Overall: Vredehammer’s “Violator” is a complete package of intensity, ferocity and top notched sound. A must add to your collection. 9/10  – ENJOY!

photo by Jorn Veberg

photo by Jorn Veberg

Track list “Violator”

1. Light The Fucking Sky
2. Spawn Tyrant
3. Violator
4. Deadfall
5. Ursus
6. Cyclone
7. Blodhevn 

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