CD Review – PRONG : X – No Absolutes (2016 SPV/Steamhammer)

prongnoabsolutescdPRONG – X -No Absolutes (2016) CD Review

by JeffKiss

I have been a fan of Prong since I saw them open for Ozzy on the , No More Tears  tour, I wanna say in 1992. I had heard their single at the time Unconditional on a college radio station WKNC and was impressed when I saw them live that they were a 3 piece band. (This was before the internet, Google, and all that shit).  Since that concert I have bought all their albums. Some I like more than others. I think Carved into Stone is one of the best metal albums released in the past 10 years. Ruining Live although good, missed the mark with me so I was very anxious to see what the follow up album to that would be.

As a fan for close to 25 years I can honestly say that Prong has delivered a classic. The galloping opening riff of the first track Ultimate Authority sets the mood for the whole album. Without Words is a Prong classic with pounding drums, and the classic Tommy Victor crunchy riff. The opening riff of the title track has kind of an “Unconditional” vibe to it and delivers.

This album is pounding, it is pummeling, it is brilliant. The chemistry of Tommy Victor, Jason Christopher, and Art Cruz is great, as is the recording and the mix of the album. With X- No Absolutes Prong has released one of its best albums. Now expand the tour so I can see this in NJ!

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“X – No Absolutes” track listing:

01. Ultimate Authority
02. Sense Of Ease
03. Without Words
04. Cut And Dry
05. No Absolutes
06. Do Nothing
07. Belief System
08. Soul Sickness
09. In Spite Of Hindrances
10. Ice Runs Through My Veins
11. Worth Pursuing
12. With Dignity
13. Universal Law (digipak bonus track)

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