CD Review – Ocean Grid – The Influence of Monsters EP

oceangridCD Review – Ocean Grid – The Influence of Monsters EP

by Dom Rini (Maximum Threshold Radio)

Ocean Grid are one of those bands that bring an impulsive and explosive attack. With a unique blend of melodic hardcore and creative lyrics.  This is one of those bands that if you are into the music of this generation of metal heads than this is right up your alley. With the sounds reminiscent of Memphis Mayfire, Miss May I, Sirens and Sailors, and possibly a little Hatebreed, just to name a few that floats within this EP it is really easy to get lost in the wave of this and that’s a good thing.

What I have noticed in this release is the two very distinct vocalist. The nice sweet vocals singing the melodic lines and then the destructive growls that slither its way into the song. Creative and doesn’t overpower the music and bring it down. Its a nice balance. “The band is extremely tight and the contrast between the vocals and the pounding of the others is really dynamic and precise. A winning combination.”

Overall: this is one of those EP’s that when it is released you need to jump on board and get this release. It definitely will make a great cruising CD.  9.5 / 10


Tracklist: Ocean Grid – The Influence of Monsters EP

  1. Introducing Monsters
  2. Mind over Monsters
  3. Their Influence
  5. Run From The Vices
  6. Welterweight
  7. Battle Tested

Members: Andrew Isler-Vocals, Dustin Kidwell-Vocals, Brad Kaufman-Guitar, Sam Scheuer-Guitar, Greg Gonzales-Bass, Zaky Nova-Drums

About Ocean Grid: [Facebook | Twitter]

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