CD Review – Jim Florentine & Don Jamieson Terrorizing Telemarketers, Vol. 6 (Metal Blade Records 2015)

Terrorizing_Telemarketers_Vol._6.jpgCD Review –  Jim Florentine & Don Jamieson Terrorizing Telemarketers, Vol. 6  (Metal Blade Records 2015)

By Dom Rini (Maximum Threshold Radio)

Don and Jim are back at it again with Terrorizing Telemarketers and giving you more of the knucklehead phone pranks. Just when you think you have heard it all they give you 17 new tracks of insanity.  If you have followed these guys in the past you are definitely in for a treat. Creative conversations between the telemarketers and Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine. The tandem really do a great job twisting the conversations with the telemarketers. DJMonsterofficial.jpg

You will find yourself laughing intensely, especially with the track “Who Me?”, “Ferris Bueller”, “House Alarm”, “Good Day, Bad Day”, “Luke”, “Spastic Colon”, and “Mulejuice.”  I found it hilarious when they use rockers as their names ex. “Danko Jones, Troy Patrick Farrell and Richard Christie.” These guys are such cool guys!


“This is a simple thing, if you are familiar with these guys past works with Terrorizing Telemarketers than you have to get this one. It’s a no-brainer. You will find yourself laughing and how far they will go and how long the telemarketers can stay on the phone with them”

Overall – 10/10

CD release date is December 4, 2015


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