CoverComedian Jim Breuer is back with a new hard rockin’ metal CD and it will blow your mind. The latest release JIM BREUER AND THE LOUD & ROWDY SONGS FROM THE GARAGE is definitely something you are going to really enjoy diving into.

This release gives you all the fun and nutty experiences that Jim has been going through being a garage rocker. It’s sort of a concept CD with the idea of an older family guy who is rocker at heart and lives his childhood dreams of being a rockstar but the parts of being a dad and husband kind of holds his creativity back. So he unleashes it in his privacy and does what all rockin’ kids did, put the headphones on loud and just raise hell.

Jim Breuer – photo by Dom Rini

JIM BREUER AND THE LOUD & ROWDY SONGS FROM THE GARAGE was produced by Rob Caggiano, the famed guitarist (ex Anthrax / and current Volbeat). Caggiano really made this record top notch and you can tell that he was striving for perfection on this one. A grammy winner helps Breuer to make this album a historic classic. Be it a comedy record but it sounds great. So it sort of takes it to a different level. This release would be great to be in rotation on your iPod or whatever with Steel Panther.  The music is phenomenal, lyrically Breuer pulls a masterpiece out of his, you know! Very impressed.  Breuer’s vocals was something that I was not expecting to hear on this release. Breuer actually pulls this off and believe that he will no doubt inspire kids and adults to sing. Hey he’s got it! Plus on this release he has guest vocalist Brian Johnson (ex AC/DC) to lay down a track on the song “Mr. Rock n Roll” and yes it delivers.  You can look at this as a credibility mover on this one. I think it helps it out to push this release. But the release holds up on it’s own. Johnson just gives this Lamborghini record a high gloss to it.

Jim Breuer – photo by Dom Rini

Overall: 9.5/10 Given that this is in my opinion a crossover release from being a straight up comedy album to a hard rockin’ metal CD this combines all the fruits and nuts from both aisles. It comes together great like a sweet marinated juicy steak. It’s perfectly seasoned. Jim has been at it for years and this is indeed his greatest of all his classics.

Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy, Songs From the Garage Track Listing:

1. “Thrash”
2. “Raising Teenage Girls”
3. “Old School”
4. “Be a Dick 2nite”
5. “My Rock n Roll Dream”
6. “Mr. Rock n Roll”
7. “Who’s Better Than Us?!”
8. “Family Warrior”
9. “Sugar Rush”
10. “Wannabe”
11. “The Unexplained”

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Jim Breuer – photo by Dom Rini at Rock on the Range

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