CD Review: INDOMINUS – “Legion Within” (2016 Roxx Records)

indominusINDOMINUS – “Legion Within” release is pretty easy to get a feeling of it. “This release sounds like a nuclear holocaust of mass proportion.”  If you think that INDOMINUS just released a CD that was wimpy or had some filler tracks on it, you would be sadly mistaken. This 5 song release features destruction in every song.

Backbone” sets the stage for this release. It is just a straight up ass-whoopin’ song. Heavy as hell and keeps you in the loop of the song. “Fragile Existence” is the continuation the destruction.  This track is powerful. There is some really sick riffs on this release that you need to hear, as in the song “Leeches” which will make you think “what the hell is he doing.” It is powerful and the vocals are extremely strong, the chorus is pretty hooky which is a great feeling and keeps the vibe alive. I enjoyed the chugging in the song, had that Exodus feel to it. The title track “Legion Within” has that European riffing intro and heavy dropped down pounding squeals. The guitar seems to be in a different realm than the rest of the band which is a great thing. He is playing the melody line over the pounding. Vocally, just hearing him sing (scream) really starts to scare the listener. Such an evil vibe in this track. Heavy as hell and scary as all hell as well, killer little solo in this song as well. Closing the release is “Shadow.” This is a moshing masterpiece, great vibe and chugging. Really feeling this song. Nice melodic guitar driven lines through this song as well. I highly recommend you diving in a letting this song soak in.

Overall: INDOMINUS – “Legion Within” comes in as straight up ass-whoopin or a bat to the skull. You can’t go wrong with these guys. If you are looking for something heavy, melodic and unrelentless you need to get a hold of these cats and really dive into this cauldron of chaos. 4/5 Horns!


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Lead Vocals – Currently looking,
Guitar – Logan,
Lead Guitar – Simon,
Bass – Mark,
Drums – Nathan.

The band formed in early 2016, out of the dissolution of a previous band. The band worked tirelessly on new music and signed with USA label Roxx Records to release their debut EP entitled “Legion Within” – which was released as of September 2nd 2016. The band has appeared at multiple European festivals, for example MetalYard in Enschede, Holland.

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