CD Review – FILTER – “Crazy Eyes” (Wind-up Records 2016)

Filter_CrazyEyes_Cover_RGBFilter – Crazy Eyes (Wind-up Records 2016)

The latest release by Filter is planned to drop on April 8th. What to expect in this release? A lot of emotion, reality, and a push back to the roots. Richard Patrick is back at it with Crazy Eyes and this is definitely a strong industrial hypnotic release with full of power and ferocity.

Starting off Crazy Eyes is the track “Mother E” which really sets the stage for this release. It takes you to that hidden place in your head where the emotions are staged and figured out. Lyrically this is phenomenal. It’ll pull you into it. “Nothing in My Hands” is a continuation but the chorus is pretty hooky and is really spot on. “Pride Flag” is another message song which is a strong brewed track with a pretty sweet chorus. “City of Blinding Riots” has some pretty good melodic lines to it. ”Take Me To Heaven” is a pretty exciting track to dive in to. This song has a nice vibe to roll over to mainstream radio. It has a nice drum groove and catchy hooky chorus and pretty sweet riff. “Welcome to the Suck” comes across as an anthemic track. Great build ups. “Head of Fire” the signature bass opening riff lets you know this is a Filter song and has a nice buildup. Bridge build up to the chorus is pretty nice, it’s like an elegant train derailment but it keeps you going with it all the way through. “Tremors” industrial at its best is mostly what I got out of this one. It’s erratic, one of Richard’s best vocal track, and a nice flow to the song. Lyrically, this song has such strong meanings engulfed in it and the message is reached with no problem. “Kid Blue From the Short Bus, Drunk Bus” has a really powerful flow with it. What is lacks in the industrial mix makes up with it in the strong chorus and great lyrics. Really catchy song, one you really melt with and become one with it. “Your Bullets” is a right in your face song. One of the heaviest tracks on this release. Its intense, powerful and great flow make this one of the favored songs on “Crazy Eyes.”  “Under Tongue” starts off with a with a nice pounding piece of drums and bass and then the experimentation begins. Nice progression in this song. “(Can’t She See) Head of Fire, Part 2” delivers the proper ending in this release. This song is an emotional roller coaster ride and doesn’t get heavy but pulls you into it almost as if it was a dream. Pretty interesting to end the release on.

Overall: Filter – “Crazy Eyes” is a strong 8.5 / 10. Gotta love it that Richard Patrick brought back the old Filter vibe. Lyrically this release is a masterpiece. When the songs buildup and unloads it is straight-up genius. It’s an emotional release full of meaning and strong messages.

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