CD Review – DEAD LABEL – Throne of Bones (2016 Nuerra Records)

dltobIf you are looking for something heavy as hell, melodic and something new to dive into than look no further. DEAD LABEL has put out this killer release called “Throne of Bones.” This release packs a punch right to the gut and keeps you pulled into them.

“Throne of Bones” gives you that vicious metalcore vocals and music that reminds you of a Lamb of God. It is extremely intense but not hard enough that you don’t know what is going on. The points that I caught on right off the back was the strength in the drums and guitar mix. “Claire is a monster on the cannons.” And you can quote me on this one! The thing I enjoy about listening to the songs is how strong the chemistry is between the members it does not seem to slack in any department at all. It’s equally brutal and really catchy.

The title track “Throne of Bones” sets the stage of the release giving you that punch in the face. It definitely lets you know this is not a sissy CD. “Salvation in Sacrifice” starts off  dramatically but then it delivers the power that DEAD LABEL is known for.  This track is pretty catchy and hooky, the guitars are right on track and keeps this song moving, nice little solo in there. “Ominous” has a nice build up to the verse, pretty spooky track. Really interesting lyrics in this one.  I think I got a bit scared listening to this one! “The Birth of Suffering”, man I am such a sucker for songs that start off with acoustic guitars that actually sound sweet. The song bleeds into the verse and is a smooth melodic hard hitting rhythm and the vocals just swell into it providing the push of the greatness of this track. There is a pretty sweet breakdown in this song and the buildup is destructive! “The Cleansing”, ah another pretty sweet intro, almost like a R&B vibe to it, I was thinking of having a night cap when this started playing. It is a nice break from the madness before this. Its may be instrumental but it did not lose me, it really absorbed me. “Exhume The Venom” back to the heaviness. This track goes right for your throat and the lyrics tells you that! An ass whippin’ kinda song.  “Void” brings the heavy back to the mix, this track has got to be played live and you can just picture the circle pits develop as this song continues. It is heavy, unrelentless and the drums just destroy. Closing out this phenomenal release is “The Gates of Hell,” that European flavor swells into this song, very heavy and melodic with piano taking this song into the next level.  The heavy melodic vibe is a great way to conclude this release as it kinda closes the story on this release encasing the madness and power in this song.

Overall: 9/10 from DEAD LABEL “Throne of Bones.” As stated throughout this release it is intense, powerful, the band chemistry is tight and it shows in every song.  The only thing I would loved to have heard is the guitarist expanding his prolific guitar style in the songs, in other words, solo’s. I love this release and look forward to listening more to this and really letting it soak in. Take a moment and seek this band out and make them part of your life!

Tracklist – DEAD LABEL “Throne of Bones”

  1. Throne of Bones
  2. Salvation in Sacrifice
  3. Ominous
  4. The Birth of Suffering
  5. The Cleansing
  6. Exhume the Venom
  7. Void
  8. The Gates of Hell


Formed in the Autumn of 2008, Dead Label are a three piece contemporary Metal band from Celbridge in Ireland. Having recorded their self titled EP in 2010, Dead Label began their journey as a professional touring band, playing shows all over Ireland, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. In 2012, the band’s debut album “Sense Of Slaughter” was released via Nuerra Records. The release earned the band critical acclaim from a wide variety of Metal and Rock press around the world. This led to the band being hand picked as official support for Machine Head on the Irish leg of their European Tour in 2012.

Extensive touring followed in 2013, with Dead Label clocking up a considerable amount of headlining club shows across Europe, as well as festival appearances at Japan’s Rocktoberfest, Estella Beer Rock Fest (Spain), Vandal Fest and Made Of Metal Fest (Czech Republic) and Gothoom Festival (Slovakia). The beginning of 2014 saw the
band writing for their sophomore album “Throne Of Bones”, which was recorded in East West Studios on Sunset Blvd in late September with acclaimed producer Chris Rakestraw (Megadeth, Danzig, Soulfly, Deftones). Dead Label then embarked on a self booked / self promoted 3 month North American tour, before returning home to
Europe to shoot a video for “Salvation in Sacrifice” with Burning Chariot (Bleed From Within). This is the first single / video from the forthcoming album and was released in March of 2015 gaining up to 2000 online views in its first week.

2015 saw Dead Label play the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival, being hand picked as official support for Gojira on all Irish dates and completing 24 dates with Fear Factory on their recent European tour in November / December. With the “Throne Of Bones” release date set for Spring 2016. Dead Label are getting
ready to hit the road again this Summer and have already been confirmed for the mainstage at the 2016 Metal Days Festival in Slovenia along side Exodus, Testament, Blind Guardian and Kreator

Dead Label are:
Daniel O’Grady Bass / Vocals
Danny Hall Guitars
Claire Percival Drums

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