CD Review: Channel Zero – Kill All Kings (Metal Blade Records) –

Channel Zero bounce back after a hiatus and deliver the goods on “Kill All Kings.” Channel Zero, hailed as one of the greatest bands in the Benelux region has had a great track record at selling out major venues and touring all around the world.

CZ’s latest release “Kill All Kings” is not an over produced released but an extremely strong metal record, with every track standing out and making it memorable. A true great release to be dropped this year.

“Dark Passenger” really sets the stage for this release. Providing the listener with the metalic melodic grinding and perpetual hooky riffs and chorus that stay ringing in your ears. “Electric Cocaine” is a true metal anthem and before you get half way through the song you will be singing along with CZ. “Burn The Nation” is a straight up chugging metal machine. Song is equipped with all the metal arsenal, has the thunderous riff, choreographed “Buuuurrrrrnnnnn” and shredding soaring  solos.  Definitely has that Testament vibe going on with this song but with more hooky chorus.  I guess a cross between Testament and Pantera could be considered.  “Digital Warfare” is another madman track. Great power changes in the song and extremely catchy chorus. A must listen to cruising around in your beater car at extremely loud levels.

The title track “Kill All Kings” starts off with a heavy hitting thrashy riff. Filled with great vocals, and wondrous lyrics. “Army of Bugs” is a nice sludgy powerful song willing to prove its madness of groove.  The final track “Heart Stop” sounds like its attempt to throw out a mainstream song. It still has the mighty guitar riffs but melodic lyrics swell throughout it. This track has much more going on with it and also has that emotional vibe to it as well

CHANNEL ZERO‘s sixth studio album shows a band combining technical workmanship with raw energy and groove. “Kill All Kings” is a thundering musical pinball game between Teutonic trash, snarling groove metal, elusive melodies and that typical and completely unique sharp CHANNEL ZERO edge we have come to love more than anything else.

“Kill All Kings” track listing:

01. Dark Passenger
02. Electronic Cocaine
03. Burn The Nation
04. Digital Warfare
05. Ego
06. Crimson Collider
07. Kill All Kings
08. Brother’s Keeper
09. Army Of Bugs
10. Mind Over Mechanics
11. Duisternis
12. Heart Stop

Franky DSVD – Vocals
Phil B – Drums
Tino De Martino – Bass
Mikey Doling – Guitar