CD Review – Bloodbound – War Of Dragons (2017 AFM Records)

CD Review – Bloodbound – War Of Dragons (2017 AFM Records)

Bloodbound is back with another spectacular release. The Swedish onslaught brings to the fore-front an extremely powerful release that continues the power metal crusade that they have been doing sing the mid 2000’s. Garnering a large fan base with their powerful music and memorable live performances have made this band one of the premiere bands’ to thrive.

“War of Dragons” delivers everything you have grown to love about Bloodbound. The melodic lines throughout this release and the guitar shredding captivates the listeners and keeps you listening. It indeed continues with that European power metal style. It is a pretty sweet release that is far from wimpy. It delivers, it really does. Vocally  Selleby is on top of his game and really pulls the music together. Lyrically alone “War of Dragons” is an instant classic.  This release takes you on a journey and the lyrics are outstanding and stands out.  The Olsson’s do such a great job of pulling the trigger on setting the world on fire with the guitars. Fredrik Bergh on keyboards really stands out on this release. “King of Swords” really reflects this notion. Plus its one of the heaviest tracks on it.

If you are up against the wall on Bloodbound and have not heard of them you need to take a chance on these guys.

Bloodbound- War Of Dragons

 1. A New Era Begins
 2. Battle In The Sky
 3. Tears Of A Dragonheart
 4. War Of Dragons
 5. Silver Wings
 6. Stand And Fight
 7. King Of Swords
 8. Fallen Heroes
 9. Guardians At Heaven’s Gate
10. Symphony Satana
11. Starfall

12. Dragons Are Forever

available as CD, 2CD Digipak, ltd. colored Vinyl & ltd. Box Set


Patrik J Selleby – vocals
Tomas Olsson – guitars
Henrik Olsson – guitars
Anders Broman – bass
Fredrik Bergh – keyboards
(currently vacant)– drums

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