CD review Apostle of Solitude – “Of Woe and Wounds” (Cruz del Sur Music 2014) –

Apostle of Solitude ” Of Woe and Wounds” – Cruz del Sur Music

CD review Apostle of Solitude – “Of Woe and Wounds” (Cruz del Sur Music 2014)

AOS forces out this heavy as a boulder release. Their latest release Woe and Wounds is being promoted as “will rank among the heaviest album of 2014”. Given this release a double listen to I find myself thinking “Damn they may be right!”. It has that eerie doomy vibe but with the creative riffs that throw you off. In other words, this record provides a lot of changes and keeps you listening to it closely because you have no idea what part of the song they are at. Very unorthodox in many manners. When you get your hands on this release listen to “Whore’s Wings” it is one chaotic masterpiece. It kinda sums up the whole record with this song. I found myself pounding my fist into my desk listening to the song “Lamentations of a Broken Man” I thought for a few minutes I was listening to some blood thirsty track by Trouble. This song also makes you think what would happen if Black Sabbath had a baby with Alice in Chains while Trouble watched. Pretty wild. “Die Vicar Die” is another oozing doom song which is heavy as hell with great lyrics and beautiful vocals. Yes I used beautiful, because the vocals are great. “Push Mortal Coil” is a really smooth track. Great memorable riff and the lyrics are top notch. Vocally the melodic harmonies flow gracefully throughout. The chorus is extremely catchy and you’ll find yourself humming along with this. “This Mania” is a heavy pounding track that keep you listening to it, complete with an explosive solo. This was one of these tracks that when you listen to it you can picture this going over great in a live setting. “Distance and the Cold Heart” kind of sums up the entire release and a great closer which is extremely epic and memorable.

I give this release a 4/5.  It provides a lot of power, depth, extremely great vocals, and superb riffs.

Apostle of Solitude “Of Woe and Wounds” will be released on November 4, 2014

Track listing:

Apostle of Solitude “Of Woe and Wounds”

01 -Distance and the Cold Heart Download Track
02 -Blackest of Times Download Track
03 -Whore’s Wings Download Track
04- Lamentations of a Broken Man Download Track
05 – Die Vicar Die Download Track
06 – Push Mortal Coil Download Track
07 – This Mania Download Track
08 – Siren Download Track
09 – Luna Download Track
10 – Distance and the Cold Heart (reprise)

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