#507 MTRS – The Tommy Victor Show (Prong/Danzig)

Old friend returns to take over the show and to get us caught up with all things Tommy. Michael and Dom hook up with Tommy Victor at a Cleveland show while on tour with Danzig. …

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#506 MTRS – The Acacia Strain, DED (Joe and David)

Pretty sweet interviews with The Acacia Strain and Joe and David from the band DED. Music played tonight by: Gene Simmons, Great White, Type O Negative, Waysted, The Acacia Strain, and Ded. Thanks for tuning…

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#505 MTRS – Steve Unger (Metal Church), Scott (Carnifex)

Great lil episode for you. Killer interview with Scott of Carnifex and a quick little call in with Metal Church’s bassist Steve Unger for an update. Music played tonight by: Steel Panther, Triumph, Metal Church,…

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#504 MTRS – Anti-Flag (Pat Thetic)

Was pretty excited to sit down and talk with Pat Thetic for a few about the new Anti Flag.  Very controversial and very topical.  Give it a listen and enjoy the ride this week. Thanks…

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#501 MTRS – Dorothy, Uncured, Junkyard

Episode #501 is in the books!  A killer lil show for you, clocking in around 1:45 minutes, thats an hour and fourty-five minutes. So don’t get technical.  We had great interviews, especially from the guys…

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#495 MTRS – Venom Inc. interview

This weeks edition is captured by Radchad at the Blackest of the Black Festival.  He catches up with a few of the guys of Venom Inc.  Please excuse the audio by Dom, he recorded his…

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#494 MTRS – Chad Zumock, Rob Caggiano, Mitch Malloy

Its post Rock on the Range weekend and time to unload to you some of our golden moments. On this weeks episode you get interviews with comdian Chad Zumock, and rockers Volbeats lead guitarist Rob…

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#493 MTRS – Joe Leste (Bang Tango), Station

Its the reign of the M3 Rock Fest.  Interviews this week with Bang Tango’s frontman Joe Leste.  Also a pretty smooth interview with the NY metal band Station. If you subscribe on iTunes please rate…

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#492 MTRS -Tommy Victor (Prong), Vixen

Pretty sweet show tonight, with great interviews some of our old friends, Tommy Victor of Prong and of course Vixen. If you subscribe on iTunes please rate us with 5 stars and please leave a…

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#490 MTRS – Steel Panther, Corners Of Sanctuary

The show of the year, or an instant classic. Featuring the interview Michael Strong did with Satchel and Lexxi Foxxx of Steel Panther. Plus a call in from guitarist Mick Michaels from the band Corners…

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#486 MTRS – Blacklist Union’s Tony West

Blacklist Union’s Tony West stops by and talks with Dom and answers questions in the chatroom about what he has been up to as well as his latest release, tours, and the status of the…

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#485 MTRS – Princzess Felicity Jade, and DJ Ashba

Just another wickedly cool show for you tonight. Interview with porn star Princzess Felicity Jade, thanks to Dave for that one! And rocker DJ Ashba from Radchad. If you subscribe on iTunes please rate us…

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#484 MTRS – Stephen Pearcy Band

Tonight’s show was just a hard rockin show with an interview with members of the Stephen Pearcy band. Warning, really graphic! If you subscribe on iTunes please rate us with 5 stars and please leave…

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#482 MTRS – Brian Frank (Killer Bee) and Jack Russell

What a killer show for you this week. Really nice to talk with Brian Frank of Killer Bee and an unexpected callin from old friend Jack Russell (Jack Russell’s Great White). If you subscribe on…

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#481 MTRS – September Mourning from NAMM 2017

Pretty cool interview with September Mourning. Caught up with them at NAMM this year for this exclusive interview. Sweet coverage and ideas and attitudes and what to expect from the band this year to come….

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