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Interviews held with Maximum Threshold

Steel Panther (Satchel & Lexxi) Interview on Maximum Threshold Radio 2017

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MT’s Michael Strong and Shannon Henkel caught up with Satchel and Lexxi to talk briefly about their latest release “Lower The Bar,” as well the digestive track  (talking to their intestines in cartoons), having a pink sock, getting their merch online, touring, record label, ying/yang and so much more!  Another instant classic interview

Satchel, Shannon, Michael and Lexxi

Chris Green – Tyketto/Rubicon Cross /solo Interview on Maximum Threshold Radio

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Great interview here with guitar phenom Chris Green from the band Tyketto. In this interview MT’s Dom talks shop with Chris. They discuss, gear, new solo release and so much more. Really interesting take of the direction of the music industry.

Chris Green is a Lead Guitarist/ Songwriter from England. Current projects include Rubicon Cross, Spacewolf and Furyon.


Chris Green  | FB | Official  | Twitter

Jack Russell – Jack Russell’s Great White Interview on Maximum Threshold Radio

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Had on the show this week our old friend Jack Russell, from his Jack Russell’s Great White.  This was a really sweet interview. Talked about the latest release by him and what went into making it.  Shared a bunch of interesting moments throughout the years when he was in the Great White band.  Trust me, if you enjoy Jack Russell, you’ll love this interview.

Jack Russell : Official | FB | Twitter | Amazon | iTunes

Brian “Bee” Frank (Killer Bee)- Interview on Maximum Threshold Radio

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We had the chance to talk to long-time rocker Brian “Bee” Frank not too long ago on the Maximum Threshold Radio Show and we were in for a treat to hear what he has been up to.  Bee talked about the latest release by Killer Bee and the video production, living in Europe and a little Immigration / Visa situation that the band and others in the Scandinavian area are faced with if they are wanting to come to the States.  Really interesting topics covered.

Brian Bee Frank : Official | FB

Styx – Northfield Hard Rocksino and Interview with Lawrence Gowan (Keyboardist/vox Styx)

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Styx – Northfield Hard Rocksino and Interview with Lawrence Gowan (keyboardist/vox Styx)

November 15, 2016

A sold out show at the Rocksino.  It was very evident that this was going to be a great evening. The crowd  in attendance were really excited. The show was sold out months previously. As anticipated, the band bursted onto the stage and performed to the enthusiastic crowd.  Everyone in the venue was standing and really feeling the music. The band’s set consisted of all their greatest hits as well as some deep cuts from their catalog. It was indeed everything you expected from a Styx performance.

Please listen to the interview conducted with keyboardist Lawrence Gowan as we talk about his tenure in the band. Pretty exciting material covered.





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Photo Courtesy of Band :  Travis Johnson – Vocals..  Brian Jackson – Guitars.. Matt Snell – Bass.. Marcos Medina – Guitars.. Darren Badorine – Drums

It’s late October in Hollywood, Ca. and while many of you in the Los Angeles area, (maybe the whole entire State of California) are so preoccupied with the worst politics in the world, I made my way down to the Troubadour where I’m about to experience a musical event of ginormous proportions for the first time, the Hellrzzr tour with newly formed INVIDIA, White Knuckle Riot and Vyces.

> Check out my interview with VYCES click here

INVIDIA a band that has been in the works since 2015 and even though most of the members of the band have known each other for awhile, Travis Johnson (of In This Moment) and Brian Jackson – guitars (formerly of Skinlab) were the ones that got the ball rolling. Bring in Matt Snell, one hell of a bass player who used to head bang with this  little band called FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. Add in guitarist Marcos Medina (formerly of Skinlab) and the smashing likes of Darren Badorine – drums,  and you have one of the hard hitting bands to be reckoned with.

Their music speaks for itself and the energy delivered by this band is enough to keep you engaged in their high octane performance. After the opening song , Travis dives right into another track. The two guitarists and bass player lay down a thick, heavy metal industrious  sound and when Matt Snell, joins in on the backing vocals duties, it all blends well with an all-out energetic assault on the stage.

Attempting to label INVIDIA as just another heavy metal band would be doing them a disservice, as the band encompasses stylistic nuances from many genres, incorporating hard rock, metal and in my opinion, some punk elements into a truly ASS KICKING sound. And it definitely showed on this HELLRZZRING night!

Matt Snell – from INVIDIA was kind enough to take some time out from a very busy first night and speak with me on their tour RV- mobile.  click here



Sacramento’s own, White Knuckle Riot, consist of, Johnny Schizo ECV (vocals)Misfire ECV (bass), Brian “Beatdown” Kelly – (Drums/Percussion), Sam “Sever” Davidson (Lead Guitar) and from Van Nuys, Ca. Carlos Pagan (Rhythm Guitar), who offered guest support with their crushing Nor Cal sound.

WKR delivered a set that pummeled the audience and brought the already energized crowd to a feeding frenzy of musical aggression. As soon as the band broke into their first song, the fans erupted with screams, and the head banging and the moshing was off to the races.  The guitar duo of Sam “The Server” and Carlos Pagan are machines on the guitars, Johnny Schizo provides the menacing vocal layers over the relentless rhythm as their song sections offers a plethora of chunky riffs mixed with intricate and tasty grooves . Their music blurs the lines between genres and styles, and the mix of technical prowess and dirty metal grooves that blended well with bassists Misfire  & drummer “Beatdown” Kelly. When it was all said and done, the band played a blistering  set that was both powerful and intense.

Overall this was an excellent triple bill, featuring outstanding performances from all three bands. If you have the opportunity to check any of these bands out on this tour or any tours to come, I highly suggest you do so – you will not be disappointed!

Check out the interview I did with White Knuckle Riot after the show for Maximum Threshold Radio where WKR’s discusses their most recent record ‘AMURDICA’  (Available Now), touring cycle, their love for all military, as well what the future may ultimately hold for the band.  click here



INVIDIA – Travis Johnson – Vocals… HELLRZZR TOUR – 2016
INVIDIA – Brian Jackson – Guitars..HELLRZZR TOUR – 2016
INVIDIA – Travis Johnson and  Matt Snell – Bass…HELLRZZR TOUR – 2016
INVIDIA – Marcos Medina – Guitars…HELLRZZR TOUR – 2016
INVIDIA – Matt Snell – Bass…HELLRZZR TOUR – 2016
WHITE KNUCKLE RIOT – Johnny Schizo ECV – Vocals
WHITE KNUCKLE RIOT – Sam “Sever” Davidson – Lead Guitar
WHITE KNUCKLE RIOT – Carlos Pagan – Rhythm Guitar
WHITE KNUCKLE RIOT – Brian “Beatdown” Kelly – Drums/Percussion
WKR – 2016
WKR – 2016
WKR – 2016


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Photo courtesy of Vyces

Los Angeles, Ca:  They’re intense. They grab the audience by the throat and they’re definitely worth experiencing LIVE , if you haven’t already. I’m talking about none other than Los Angeles based hard rockers ( VYCES)  featuring former members of (BREAKING BENJAMIN, HEART-SET SELF DESTRUCT and THROWN INTO EXILE) who last week in Hollywood, Ca;  embarked on their first ever Hellrzzr Tour w/ INVIDIA  and Northern California’s own, WHITE KNUCKLE RIOT. (More on these two bands soon).

Touring in support of their just released debut album, “Devils”,  VYCES played tracks off their latest LP and the crowd went wild, like animals on a feeding frenzy and now it begins! Lead vocalist Dave Naruszewicz, formerly of ‘Heart-Set Self Destruct’ does it, he took command with his Deftones type prowess of the stage, pulling in the crowd for a head-bangin’ ride that would last for the next 30-40 mins.

VYCES delivered the music with an electrifying punch to your brain cavity. Drummer Russell Ray was monstrous on the drums tucked in the back of the stage.  Shawn Patterson – Guitar  and Mark James Klepaski – Bass, yes – that same Klepaski (formerly of Breaking Benjamin) were also an electrifying sight to watch. Keyboardist/Vocalist, Evan Seidlitz , flew across the stage, jumping so high I thought he was going to touch the sky! Then returning to his keyboard, showing off his dual wielding skills of playing keyboards and killing it on vocals..An absolute joy to watch these guys go!

Through the entire night I was so impressed by my debut viewing of VYCES. They never failed to deliver with their live performance, with ears and senses assailed, necks suffering whiplash…. Ears ringing, I left the venue sweating, and exhausted but with a huge grin on my face with only one thing that came to mind, “Jesus, They Kinda Grabbed Me By The Boo – Boo, Didn’t They”?!?

To hear more about everything Vyces,  please check out the interview below that I did with the guys before they hit the stage at the Troubadour, along with the debut video for the first single ‘Devils’ off the New EP available now on ITUNES.

VYCES Web Sites:

HELLRZZR Tour Featuring VYCES, Invidia, White Knuckle Riot:
10/28 – Abilene, TX – My Place
10/29 – San Leon, TX – 18th St Pier
10/30 – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey
11/1 – Oklahoma City, OK – Thunder Alley
11/2 – Salina, KS – Paramount Bar
11/3 – Omaha, NE – Shamrocks
11/4 – Newport, MN – Opinion Brewing Company
11/5 – Chippewa Falls, WI – EveryBuddys
11/6 – Dubuque, IA – The Venue
11/8 – Peoria, IL – Limelight Sound Bar
11/9 – Madison, WI – The Red Zone
11/10 – Green Bay, WI – TBA
11/11 – Cudahy, WI – The Metal Grill
11/12 – Crest Hill, IL – Bada Brew
11/13 – Springfield, MO – Outland Ballroom
11/14 – Kansas City, MO – Davey’s Uptown
11/15 – Wichita, KS – The Lizard Lounge
11/16 – Denver, CO – Hermans Hideaway
11/17 – Casper, WY – Hall of Champions
11/18 – Idaho Falls, ID – Hitt Event Center
11/19 – Garden City, ID – Eclypse
11/20 – Sacramento, CA – The Boardwalk

The Troubadour Pictures:

Mark James Klepaski – Bass …Hollywood, Ca.
Dave Naruszewicz – Vocals …Hollywood, Ca.
Shawn Patterson – Guitar …Hollywood, Ca.
Evan Seidlitz – Vocals/Keyboards …Hollywood, Ca.
Russell Ray – Drums …Hollywood, Ca.

The Church of the 8th Day is officially CROWNED BY FIRE

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I love finding out of the way venues to enjoy kick ASS head bangin’ metal music performed live by shredding acts.  On Oct. 8th I found a gem of a venue nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, Ca; Glendale to be precise.


The Church of the 8th Day is now in session for all you rock and heavy metal music  enthusiast, and it welcomes fans young and old to enjoy the original musical stylings of a few of the music world’s fastest rising metal acts and big name bands in the industry.  The Church is the brainchild of Daniel Dismal who is the founder and booking agent for the Complex which on this night booked a band i’m very familiar with, “Crowned By Fire“.

I have seen Crowned By Fire on numerous occasions and on this night, like many others, Crowned showed me once again why they’re seasoned pros when performing.

The band played songs spanning their whole career but focused on their newer material. Even the old – school CBF heads were visibly moved, as heads nodded along to the heavy crushing – sludge metal emanating from the stage.

Their set flew by in a flash and left the crowd wanting more. I was very impressed, and will be looking forward to seeing more from CBF in the futureBut for now you have to settle with an interview I did with (guitarist) Justin Manning outside the venue.


Show Pictures:

CBF: John Fitterer – Glendale, Ca.
CBF: Justin Manning – Glendale, Ca.
CBF: Chris Breedlove – Glendale, Ca.
CBF: Jonathan Paschall – Glendale, Ca.
CBF:  John Fitterer – Glendale, Ca.
CBF: Chris Breedlove & Jonathan Paschall – Glendale, Ca.
CBF: Justin Manning – Glendale, Ca.

CBF Web Sites:

Interview with Act of Defiance

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Recently M.T. Radio had the opportunity to catch up with both Henry Derek-lead singer and the awesome likes of Chris Broderick – guitarist from the metal band  ‘Act of Defiance’ before their performance at the The Complex in Glendale, Ca. (Due to time constrictions, we were unable to stay and catch their live performance). Chris and Henry were both kind enough to take time out and discuss with Maximum Threshold Radio about their current tour cycle, new album in the works, as well what the future may ultimately holds for the band before they took the stage.

For those not familiar with AOD, the metal supergroup from the Los Angeles, Ca. area was formed in 2014 by Broderick and drummer, Shawn Drover both of Megadeth fame who resigned from the band on the same day.  Joining them was vocalist Henry Derek (Scar the Martyr fame) and bassist Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall guitarist) who came in to man the bass for the band.


Jerry Gaskill of Kings X talks with Maximum Threshold Radio in Cleveland

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Jerry Gaskill, drummer Kings X
Jerry Gaskill, drummer Kings X

Drummer, Jerry Gaskill of the world famous band Kings X took a few minutes before his gig in Cleveland to talk with the guys of Maximum Threshold Radio for this exclusive interview. They talk about Jerry’s health, tour, the upcoming cruise performance and so much more.

Upcoming | Local Dates      Share:
Date Venue Location Tickets
Nov 04 The Kiss Kruise VI

Cozumel, Mexico Tickets
Nov 05 The KISS Kruise VI Cozumel, Mexico Tickets
Nov 06 The KISS Kruise VI Cozumel, Mexico Tickets
Nov 07 The KISS Kruise VI Cozumel, Mexico Tickets
Nov 08 The KISS Kruise VI Cozumel, Mexico Tickets
Nov 09 The KISS Kruise VI Cozumel, Mexico Tickets
Nov 10 SanJan Theater Bonita Springs, FL Tickets
Nov 12 State Theatre St Petersburg, FL Tickets
Nov 17 The Newton Theater

Newton, NJ Tickets
Nov 18 The Stone Pony

Asbury Park, NJ Tickets
Nov 19 EARLY SHOW KING’S X on at 8pm!! @ Stage 48

New York, NY Tickets
Nov 21 Sellersville Theater 1894

Sellersville, PA Tickets

Blast From The Past at the SiriusXM’s Hair Nation Festival

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It was Rude, It was Sleazy, It was what the 80’s hair metal was all about back then. I am talking about the SiriusXM’s Hair Nation Festival at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in Irvine, California and it saw the likes of Lita Ford, Vixen, Kix, Faster Pussycat, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Britny Fox to name a few of the 22 bands, An all day onslaught of 80’s & 90’s Hair Metal bands coming at you from two different stages with food, alcohol and merch booths for you to get your swag on, all hosted by Eddie Trunk.

Now I have been going to the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater since I was in High School to see a great many bands, I even snuck in over the back fence a time or two. When I heard about this show and that there is only a few more shows before the venue closes it’s doors for good, I just knew I had to go. One more trip down memory lane as they say…

Upon entering  the venue something that caught my attention was the Save the Music group who were collecting signatures for their petition to save the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater from being closed down.

One of the many surprises that were in store for those in attendance was seeing Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis playing together with LA Guns  for the first time since they parted ways and thanks to the Hair Nation Festival, they have scheduled many more shows that they will be playing together again.

Patrick Kennison, Guitarist for Lita Ford, filled in some mighty big shoes singing Ozzy’s parts with Lita on “Close Your Eyes”.  Also for Lita’s birthday, Eddie Trunk had a cake brought out on stage and had the audience sing Happy Birthday to Lita all while Lita was still trying to perform.

I caught up with Tommy Paris of Britny Fox and he took a few minutes to talk with me before  their Meet and Greet to fill me in on the current status of the band, new music and upcoming shows. Please click on the video below to get all the details.

Even as we say goodbye to the Irvine Amphitheater and sadly watch it close it’s doors, there is talk that a new venue is already in the works for a new location for next years 2nd Annual Hair Nation Festival. If you were unable to make it to this one, or even if you did, then I hope to see you at the next one.

Big thanks goes out to Ashley Di Buduo of A12 Entertainment and all their staff behind the scenes who helped to facilitate this little adventure of ours.

Written by NickyMae and RadChad.

GHOST Premieres New Track ‘Square Hammer’ – Maximum Threshold Radio

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GHOST – 2016  –

Ghost have premiered a new track called Square Hammer with Sirius XM. It’s the first new music from the band since last year’s Grammy Award-winning third album Meliora.

Nameless Ghouls says: “We’re very proud of it. We’re obviously thrilled to be able to play something new. This is a short, to-the-point little gem right at the jugular.”

Last month, a Nameless Ghoul said the band are “too funny” to be taken seriously by metal purists.

The Ghoul said: “I do think to a certain degree that we are misunderstood. We started off doing this with the intention of becoming this small horror rock band. It was supposed to be entertaining.

“The more puritan sort of metal people think we’re too funny, or too this or that. We want people to be happy.”

“We represent humour and happiness. It’s quite commonly known that laughter, satire and humour – at least from a medieval point-of-view – was very much regarded as a craft of the devil.”

“I’ve been listening to ‘devil music’ ever since I was a kid. For me it’s so natural, but its rock’n’roll. The tool of the devil is to trick with you to screw with each other.”

You can listen to the new track (Square Hammer)by clicking on to the player below along with Namless Ghouls  brief introduction regarding the song..



Sep 16: Rochester The Armory, NY
Sep 17: New London Revolution Rock Fest, CT
Sep 18: Chester Monster Energy Rock Allegiance Festival, PA
Sep 19: Pittsburgh Stage AE, PA
Sep 21: Cleveland Masonic Auditorium, OH
Sep 23: Memphis Minglewood Hall, TN
Sep 24: Fort Worth Texas Munity, TX
Sep 25: Houston Open Air, TX
Sep 27: Tulsa Brady Theater, OK
Sep 28: St Louis The Pageat, MO
Sep 30: Kansas City Midland Theatre, MO
Oct 01: Janesville Sonic Boom, WI
Oct 02: Louisville Louder Than Life Festival, KY
Oct 03: Detroit The Fillmore, MI
Oct 04: Kalamazoo State Theatre, MI
Oct 05: Cedar Rapids Paramount Theatre, IA
Oct 07: Denver Paramount Theatre, CO
Oct 08: Salt Lake City The Complex, UT
Oct 09: Missoula The Wilma Theater, MT
Oct 11: Calgary MacEwan Hall, AB
Oct 13: Vancouver The Vogue Theater, BC
Oct 14: Seattle The Moore Theater, WA
Oct 15: Eugene McDonald Theatre, OR
Oct 16: Portland The Roseland Theater, OR
Oct 18: Riverside Municipal Auditorium, CA
Oct 20: Los Angeles The Wiltern, CA
Oct 21: Los Angeles The Wiltern, CA
Oct 22: Las Vegas Brooklyn Bowl, NV
Oct 23: Sacramento Discovery Park, CA
Oct 25: Phoenix Comercia Theatre, AZ
Oct 27: Lubbock City Bank Auditorium, TX
Oct 28: San Antonio The Aztec Theater, TX
Oct 31: Little Rock Metroplex, AR
Nov 02: Orlando The Hard Rock, FL
Nov 03: Miami Beach Fillmore Miami Beach, FL
Nov 04: Jacksonville The Florida Theatre, FL
Nov 05: Charlotte The Fillmore, NC
Nov 07: Raleigh The Ritz, NC
Nov 09: Toronto Queen Elizabeth Theatre, ON
Nov 11: Montreal Metropolis, QC
Nov 12: Brooklyn Kings Theatre, NY

PJ Farley talks Rock Carnival on Maximum Threshold Radio

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carnivalTrixter’s bassist PJ Farley spent some time on this weeks Maximum Threshold Radio Show to talk with Dom about the upcoming Rock Carnival in New Jersey which is scheduled for the end of Sept. 30th thru Oct 2nd.

We also talked about PJ’s solo album, briefly UFC 203, touring, and so much more. You will want to listen to this interview if you are a fan of PJ Farley.


Some bands to perform at the Rock Carnival will be:

Friday, September 30th
Alice Cooper
Zakk Sabbath
Blue Oyster Cult
Almost Queen
Alive! ’75
+ more tributes!
Saturday, October 1st
Twisted Sister
Ace Frehley
American Angel
Cycle of Pain
Four By Fate
Monster Magnet
Punky Meadows
Shaman’s Harvest
Texas Hippie Coalition
Sunday, October 2nd
The Used
10 Years
Bullet Boys
Cinderella’s Tom Keifer
Citizen Zero
Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy
Life Of Agony
River Monsters
Sebastian Bach
+ more TBA!


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Adam Joad "The Appalachian Apostle" [Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar] Jake Delling Le Bas "The Irish Thunder" [Drums, Percussion] Richard Erwin "Ol' Kentucky Bastard" [Bass, Vocals] Adam Newell "The Chicago Bootlegger" [Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals]
Adam Joad “The Appalachian Apostle” [Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar]
Jake Delling Le Bas “The Irish Thunder” [Drums, Percussion]
Richard Erwin “Ol’ Kentucky Bastard” [Bass, Vocals]
Adam Newell “The Chicago Bootlegger” [Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals]
What happens when you put a band of good ol’ boys never meaning no harm other then to Drink, Smoke & Play a mix of honky tonk Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gregg Allman and Motorhead (Rip Lemmy) sleazy southern style rock music? Well my friend you would’ve attended a Scattered Hamlet show @ the world famous Whisky A Go Go in the heart of Hollywood, Ca.

Scattered Hamlet’s influences range from southern rock to groove metal to heavy metal with the attitude of punk rock. With humble origins all across the US and a relentless touring schedule of 100+ shows all across America, the band makes no apologies for the equal love of Harley Davidson’s, honky tonk, beer drinking, Les Pauls, Marshalls, shotguns and classic American symbolism.

This was the last show of this tour that took them completely across the states where I witnessed these rock ‘n roll outlaws putting on a great show.

The guys will be heading back into the studio to finish the new album but they took the time to talk to me about life on the road, where they get their sound and how Jake always brings up the rear, but not in the weird way. To listen to what the Scattered Hamlet boys had to say about this and more, please click on the interview below.


WEBSITES: ScatteredHamlet ScatteredHamlet ScatteredHamlet ScatteredHamlet



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RUTHLESS - 2016 David Watson - Guitar: RadChad - Maximum Threshold Radio: SAMMY D - Vocals: WenDee S. Wilkes Toledo - Guitar
RUTHLESS – 2016 David Watson – Guitar:  RadChad – Maximum Threshold Radio: SAMMY D – Vocals:  David Toledo – Guitar                    
Pic by  Nicky Mae

Metal thrives on a mix of chaos and the mainstream’s disdain. Every genre has a cycle. Metal and hard rock bands have gone through various phases, and I think we’re going to experience this again and again.

In the ’80s, hard rock and heavy metal was in the spotlight and was probably the most important genre at the time. It was a voice of rebellion, the voice of a new young generation going up against the establishment. It became this hardcore movement that eventually had so many followers. From the Wall Street suites all the way down to little Timmy screaming and head banging to “Master of Puppets” in his room playing air guitar.

Rob Halford was quoted as saying, ‘People listen to music differently now. They don’t have time to sit down and put the record on and give it 30 minutes or whatever. It’s three minutes here, three minutes there, and go text and check Instagram. Who will be the next giant metal band, who knows.’

I couldn’t agree more with Halford’s comment. To me metal is so deep now and more underground that for some reason it’s becoming more credible than the mainstream stuff.. Go figure.

Sammy D (RUTHLESS) Photo Courtesy of Brent Banks

RUTHLESS, a hardcore metal band from the 80’s who has gone through various phases and band members, has always maintain their strong METAL status in the music scene since becoming a band. Sammy D (Lead Vocals) makes no apologies for sticking with the same sound that has seen them travel all over the countrysides entertaining the likes of the Timmy’s, Bankers, and probably your Parents before you were even conceived in the back of a Chevy.

Today Ruthless is still kicking ass with their brand of underground heavy metal music that still works in today’s mainstream world. Yes, the band has gone through many changes (Who Hasn’t) with Sammy D (Vocals) and David Watson (Guitars) being the only hold-overs from RUTHLESS.

David Watson & Sammy D (RUTHLESS) Photo Courtesy of Brent Banks

I had a chance to sit down with Sammy, David and their new guitarist David Toledo @ Shamrock’s Grill & Pub in Chino to talk about the bands changes ,taking 2017 by the big balls and just plain tomfoolery.

Click onto the interview below :

Michael Sweet (Stryper) Interview on Maximum Threshold Radio 2016

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Michael Strong and Michael Sweet (Stryper)
Michael Strong and Michael Sweet (Stryper)

Michael Strong of Maximum Threshold Radio  recently caught up with rocker Michael Sweet at the M3 Rock Festival for this exclusive great interview.

Click play above to check it out. Get the scoop on all Michael Sweet and Stryper 2016 right here. Talks vocal exercise, vocal chord checked out, being gracious to fans, fans input to selecting their setlist, black & yellow color scheme, yellow & black limo, stealing yard signs, and much more.

Michael Sweet : Official | Fb |






#448 MTRS – Iann Robinson (Knife Edge Chop), One Eyed Doll

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oedTonight we had on a pretty “all over the place” show for you.  A lot of new music, great interviews with Iann Robinson from the Knife Edge Podcast show to talk with MT’s Jeff about wrestling.  Also MT’s Tim Rader talked with One Eyed Doll for a pretty sweet interview.

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ACE FREHLEY & Paul Stanley reunite after 18yrs.

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Paul Stanley has joined forces with Ace Frehley for a new track on Frehley‘s upcoming solo covers set. The new album, “Origins Vol. 1”, will be released on April 26, and marks an 18 year absent since the last time the two  KISS co-founders have appeared on an original album together since the band’s 1998 set, “Psycho Circus”.

During an appearance on KBAD 94.5‘s “Morning Crash” radio show, Stanley stated about his new collaboration with Frehley: “Ace was doing an album of covers, songs that influenced him and that he loved, and called me. And it’s always very funny, because with caller ID, I look, and the phone’s ringing, and I see Ace‘s name come up. So, of course… “Look, for all the bickering and stuff that we may say about each other, we go back to a very magical time. We started this together. So in spite of whatever we may say from time to time or things that get blown up, we are a family, and a dysfunctional one, but nonetheless a family.

“So Ace said, ‘Would you do something on the album?’ I said, ‘Sure. Of course.'”

He continued: “If [Ace] succeeds, it only makes me happy. I don’t wanna see anybody fail, especially somebody who I’m close to. Even if I don’t speak to him weekly, even monthly, we are connected in a way that will go to the end.

Ace was asked by Rolling Stone about his teamup with Stanley. Frehley said: “I thought Paul did a fabulous vocal on it. He jumped at the chance to do this because it’s something that’s outside of KISS and his character in KISS, and it gave him a chance to, y’know, sing. With Paul, you usually think of him singing in a slightly higher register and on ‘Fire And Water’, he’s singing deep from his diaphragm, and it’s a real cool vocal. Everyone’s who heard it was just thinks it’s the shit.”

Click onto the interview below to hear what Paul has to say

Ace Frehley – Fire and Water (feat. Paul Stanley) – Origins Vol. 1

“Origins Vol. 1” track listing:

01. White Room (CREAM)
02. Street Fighting Man (ROLLING STONES)
03. Spanish Castle Magic (JIMI HENDRIX) (feat. John 5)
04. Fire And Water (FREE) (feat. Paul Stanley)
05. Emerald (THIN LIZZY) (feat. Slash)
06. Bring It On Home (LED ZEPPELIN)
07. Wild Thing (THE TROGGS) (feat. Lita Ford)
08. Parasite (KISS) (feat. John 5)
09. Magic Carpet Ride (STEPPENWOLF)
10. Cold Gin (KISS) (feat. Mike McCready)
11. Till The End Of The Day (THE KINKS)
12. Rock And Roll Hell (KISS)


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Germany’s own Human Fortress has been entertaining the metal fans for more than 18yrs. with their brand of powerful heavy metal music and their latest 5th album “Thieves of The Night” dropped on April 1st  via AFM Records.

Gus Monsanto - vocals Torsten Wolf - guitar Volker Trost - guitar Dirk Liehm - keyboards Andre Hort - bass Apostolos Zaios - drums

This marks the returned of a two year absent for H.F. This comeback came out of nowhere: in 2013, German epic melodic metal band HUMAN FORTRESS returned to the scene – five years after their latest release “Eternal Empire” (which due to a change of style was a disappointment for many fans). But “Raided Land” easily made up for that and became the unexpected strong comeback, going back to the band’s roots of traditional metal, as displayed on their early-2000’s works “Lord Of Earth And Heavens Heir” and “Defenders Of The Crown”. “Raided Land”also was the first release with Gus Monsanto (ex-Adagio, ex-Revolution Renaissance) on vocals, who impressively proved why he is hailed as one of the genre’s premier singers.

Two years after the release of “Raided Land”, HUMAN FORTRESS are back with twelve brand new and compelling songs. “Thieves Of The Night.” I had a chance to talk with Andre Hort – Bass from the band as he fills us in on the new album, working with Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann , tour plans,  and other metal topics.

RadChad: In the music world of Human Fortress , The band had members constantly coming and going, some due to health issues, some due to other reason. Gus Monsanto (Vocals), Dirk Liehm (keyboards) and you, André Hort (bass) are the newest member to join Human Fortress, correct? How did you and the other members come to join the band?

André: That’s correct. Andrew McNeice who is the owner of, was always a supporter of Human Fortress. He posted on his site that Human Fortress were looking for a vocalist and a friend of Gus saw it and let him know. He did know the band name but not all of the material. After listening on YouTube to some of our songs, he liked what he heard and since he wanted to do something like that in Brazil but never found an opportunity. We sent him a few demo tracks and what he sent back sounded really good and bombastic and we knew that he was the right man for this job.
Ingmar von Berg, former Roadie/bassist of Human Fortress, suggested Dirk Liehm. He’s a really great keyboarder and composer. His work on keyboards and orchestrations sounds like movie scores and give Human Fortress a special note.

In my case, Christoph Speidel, owner of a record store in Hannover called “Hot Shot Records” and a friend of mine and Human Fortress, suggested me to Todd Wolf (guitar). Christoph knew me through my work with Rough Silk and that I was not happy with the musical direction of Rough Silk which changes more an more from melodic metal to progressive singer/songwriter rock. He gave me Todd’s phone number and 3 days later Todd, Volker, Gus (who was at this time in Germany to record the vocals for “Raided Land”) and me met us at Volker’s home. Immediately, we stand very well and a few days later we filmed a music video for “Wasted years” and the next day I started to record the bass lines for “Raided Land”.

RadChad:  Describe the songwriting and recording process for “Thieves of the Night” and working with a talented singer like Gus?

Thieves Of The Night – 2016

André: The songs were written by Todd, Dirk and Volker. They started to write new material directly after the release of our last album “Raided Land”. In october 2014, Gus came to Germany to record a few demo vocal tracks and it was clear that the new album will be a very epic one. Bass and drums was recorded at my homerecording studio and guitars and keyboards was recorded at Dirks homerecording studio. It’s advantage is that we can always work on the new material regardless of whether it’s day or night because we all have dayjobs and families. After all recordings was done, Gus Monsanto came from Brazil to Germany and we went to “Seeb’s Greenman-Studio” to record the vocal tracks. Gus is a very professional singer. In three days his work was done including harmonies and background vocals.

RadChad: How did the songwriting process for “Thieves” compare to Human Fortresses previous albums. 

André: That’s a question which I can’t answering because I played only on the last two records. As I get into the band 2013, “Raided Land” was already written. I only recorded my bass lines. I think it’s the right way to dedicate the songwrititng to Todd, Dirk and Volker. Never change a winning team. But I have to say that I have the freedom respectively my basslines.

RadChad : No Worries, Could you please tell us than what you enjoy most working with a great talent like Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann (Orden Ogan, Almanac) who did the mixing for Thieves Of The Night “?

André: He did a really good job. His mix give our new album a powerful and epic sound. Especially, I like how he put the bass guitar and drums in front of the mix. He gave me the bass sound that I ever wanted to have. On the most productions where I have played on I thought: “Ok….there is the bass guitar.Nice”. On his mix I thought WOW!!!!!What a monster bass guitar sound!

RadChad: What inspired the lyrics this time around?

André: Most of the lyrics are inspired by medieval times. But some lyrics like “Thrice blessed” you can assigned to the present age. “Thrice blessed” tells a story about someone who lives in a gilded cage and wants to break out of it. Last week we filmed a new music video for “Thrice blessed”. Produced by Thomas Zettelmann from TZ Film Production who produced the “Thieves of the night” music video,too.

RadChad: What are your expectations for this new album?

André: We hope the fans will like it and maybe we convice more fans with this album.

RadChad: How has the band’s sound evolved/progressed on this time around?

André:  I think we become more to an union since the last album. Now we’re still working for 3 years together in this constellation.

RadChad:  In the many years that H.F. has been around, it’s gone from CDs to downloads and now streaming services seem to be the next big thing. What’s your take on that shift where people own music to renting it with streaming?

André:  I’m not a fan of downloads or streaming. Maybe, I’m a little bit “old school” but If I buy a record I don’t want “only” listen to the music.I want to read lyrics, want to read liner notes or just look on the artwork. I want the whole package. It’ a lot of work to make an album. And than it will put on an usb-stick or harddisk in a bad sounding quality like mp3? Streaming is ok to get an idea of a band you doesn’t know. And if you like the band, buy their records. That’s the only way you should used streaming.

RadChad:  I totally agree. Im old school also. I remember going to the record store and buying albums. Speaking of technology, some bands are starting to go with a “no-cell phone recording at concerts policy?” Is that something that you think or hope will happen with the music industry as a whole?

André: Oh, is that so? What’s the reason why? Bootlegs?Videos? I think that’s not feasible.

RadChad:  Again , Im in agreement with you Andre..What are Human Fortress future plans for touring?

André:  We will see. At the moment we are locking for a booking agency. When it’s possible we will bring our music live on stage.

RadChad:  What has been your most memorable Human Fortress show or tour? Any juicy stories you’d like to share with us?

André:  Sorry, but I hadn’t the chance to play a show or tour with Human Fortress by now.

RadChad: My bad. I thought you already played live.  Any thoughts or experiences when doing a tour or the big festival show with the amount of material you have, it must be very difficult to construct a set list with all the kick-ass songs you have, knowing some fans are going to get upset and scream and shout ‘ cause the band left a song off the list that day?

André:  You can’t be everybody’s darling. I’m a really big KISS fan and was on so many KISS concerts and everytime I leave the venue I said why they don’t played this or that song. Every fan had his own favorite songs.

RadChad: That is true ..Anything else you’d like to add or promote before we let you go?

André:  Keep your eyes open for our new music video of our second single “Thrice Blessed”. I think it will released in a short while.

Also, on april 22nd Massacre Records will re-release our second album “Defenders Of The Crown”. It will be remastered and contains 2 previously unreleased demotracks. We re-recorded these tracks in our own studio with Human Fortress former singer Jioti Parcharidis. I think this is an very amazing gift to our fans !

I want to thank Andre Hort for allowing us to pick his brain and Dustin Hardman –  AFM Records

Thieves of The Night Track list:
01. Amberstow
02. Last Prayer To The Lord
03. Rise Or Fall
04. Thieves Of The Night
05. Thrice Blessed
06. Hellrider
07. Just A Graze
08. Vicious Circle
09. Smite On The Anvil
10. Dungeons Of Doom
11. Gift Of Prophecy
12. Alone

official video clip / AFM Records.

Interview with Hate Unbound’s Art Giammara – Vocalist

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Hate Unbound – 2016 Guitar – Daryl Mitchell, Drums – Danny Kendall, Vocals – Art Giammara, Guitar – William Cundiff, Bass – John Kinder…

Hate Unbound – They’re loud, harsh, embrace metal in every sense of the word, and make no apologies about wanting to bring their dark heavy metal music to the city of Detroit that has spawned so many greats like “Alice Cooper,Halloween,Ted Nugent, and Iggy Pop” to name a few.

I spoke with Art Giammara – vocalist about touring with So Cal greats “Seeds of War and Heretic.” Hates future band plans and other topics.

MTRadChad: Thank you so much for speaking with Maximum Threshold Radio…Give us a brief history of Hate Unbound for those that are not familiar with the band?

Art: Our style is thrash influenced melodic death metal band out of Detroit MI. Hate Unbound was formed with members from other former bands about 2 years ago, and we have been writing and playing out ever since.

MTRadChad: I read that you guys will be opening up for the awesome like’s of Sacred Reich and Dying Fetus in Aug? Tells us what it means to you to share the same stage with these thrash legends?

Art: It means everything to me man, sharing the same stage as your heroes is an amazing feeling.

MTRadChad: What has been your most memorable Hate Unbound live show, and what are your upcoming tour plans?

Art: One of my most memorable moments was going on the road with Heretic. They had a tour last year for their shows here in Michigan. It was my first little tour and playing with them guys was great, we really learned a lot from playing with the pros.

As for our upcoming tour plans, we all have jobs which makes it currently challenging, but in June we look forward to being on the road again doing some long weekends and a couple of one off dates. We anticipate to be traveling to IN, IL, OH, NJ, and here in MI.

MTRadChad: Does Hate have any plans in the works on making a new music or an album for their metal maniac fans? And if so, how did this songwriting and/or recording process compare to your previous music?

Art: Great question we are currently in the studio working on our first full length album.

The songwriting and recording process is more intense since our EP as we are putting all our best efforts in to make the best album possible. We are working with Nick Morris from As They Sleep for full length he did great job on the EP and can’t wait to get our new album out.

MTRadChad: How has this band’s style evolved/progressed from when Hate first started?

Art: Our style has really evolved in the most brutal way possible. We are a lot more creative with the song writing.

Art Giammara – 2016

MTRadChad: One thing that truly tugs at my heart is hearing about the drinking – water situation in Michigan. I see Hate Unbound is from the state of Michigan where that Water Crisis in Flint is still happening to this day? Little kids drinking contaminated water and becoming ill. Is Hate Unbound going to be getting involved with this horrific incident like the other bands and musicians from all over will be?

Art: Yah man its sic and tragic and really there is no way to correct the problem. We would really like to help out in anyway.

MTRadChad: What’s the metal scene like in Mich? Is it hard for bands of today? I know Wayne Static (R.I.P.) is from there, Correct?

Art: The scene here is really hit or miss, we have a lot of great clubs that are trying to build the scene back up. It’s as hard as you make it for yourself. I’ve seen bands succeed and also a lot have failed. It’s all about the effort and the hunger you have to make it.

Yes, Wayne was from Muskegon up north from us.

MTRadChad: How did this make you feel hearing what happen to Wayne, being he is kinda a local/hero where you guys hail from?

Art: Man I was heartbroken I grew up on Static X Wisconsin Death trip is one of my favorite albums. To many icons have passed in music lately.

MTRadChad: As of today, what’s the current status of Hate Unbound?

Art: Well we are looking to put the album out this year and grow our fan base as much as possible.

MTRadChad: Thank you so much Art. I enjoyed our talk. Anything else you’d like to add, mention, or promote before we let you go?

Art: Tell your friends about us, find us online and follow, every bit helps us out. Thanks for having me it was a blast for me also.

Interview with Zoltán Farkas of EKTOMORF on Maximum Threshold Radio

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ektomorphInterview with Zoltán Farkas of EKTOMORF on Maximum Threshold Radio.

Zoli took a few minutes to talk with Dom of Maximum Threshold Radio about what they have been up to lately, the touring, foods they encounter on the road, the latest release, why they are on the road and touring, and Hungarian Goulash and Paprikash.  Pretty cool interview.

Follow EktomorfOfficial | FB | Youtube | Twitter

Zoltán Farkas – vocals, guitars
Szabi Murvai – bass
Tomi Schrottner – guitars
Robert Jaksa – drums

ACIDIC packs the Viper Room

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Mike Gossard, Matt Whitaker, Josh Bennett, Max Myrick Viper Room 2016 Josh Bennett, Matt Whitaker,Mike Gossard,Max Myrick – ACIDIC VIPER ROOM

Hollywood, CA: When I first heard of ACIDIC, “Pure Energy” would be the first word to come to my mind to describe their brand of rock music. ACIDIC was playing here on the Sunset strip – Hollywood. So I headed down, curious to see this band in action for the first time before they embarked on another touring season.

By the time ACIDIC stormed the stage at the Viper Room on Friday, the sold-out crowd that packed this classic venue had been waiting nearly 30-minutes and was veritably seething with anticipation for the Los Angeles based 4 – piece band, which has stirred up quite a buzz with its high energy driven approach to rock/alternative music which didn’t disappoint.

Picture yourself driving down the 405 – freeway consuming mass quantities of Rock Star Energy Drinks with your hair on fire while riding in a shopping cart, YOU my friend have now experienced ACIDIC live in action.

Their music was distinctive and powerful. Playing tunes from their last album “Creatures”, which in my opinion never let up from beginning to end as ACIDIC’s command of the frenetic crowd never faltered.

I grabbed the guys from ACIDIC for a short interview in the parking lot of the Viper Room before they hit the stage and the guys did not disappoint. Although our exchanged was short, they did talk to me about another album and tour in the works for the 2016 year.

To see and hear all about what I’ve been talking about, please click on the video below.

Very special thank you to Mary Lyon – Manager

The Rad Man…..

Mike Gossard - ACIDIC
Mike Gossard – ACIDIC

Matt Whitaker – ACIDIC

Max Myrick – ACIDIC

Josh Bennett – ACIDIC

ACIDIC – 2016

ACIDIC – 2016

ACIDIC – 2016

ACIDIC – 2016

ACIDIC – 2016

ACIDIC – 2016

ACIDIC – 2016

Photo Courtesy Of ACIDIC – 2016

Interview with Troy Escamilla (Producer/Writer “PARTY NIGHT” movie) on Maximum Threshold Radio

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Download – Interview

partynights“Night Party” Producer/Writer Troy Escamilla called in to the Maximum Threshold Radio Show to talk about 80’s slasher flicks and the development of the movie “Party Night.”  On the show it was also talked about the Kickstarter project and how they are coming along to making this movie a reality.  Also spoke about the cast members and how they were chosen to be part of this movie.  This was a really sweet interview.

To support the kickstarter project click here


Interview with Arielle Peri on Maximum Threshold Radio

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Pretty cool interview here with singer/songwriter Arielle Peri. In this interview we touch on her move to Nashville from Los Angeles and the reasons why. We also talk about her contest she is involved with, with Vince Gill. A brief overview of the status of pop country music and our take on it. Pretty cool interview and also the song California at the end. Gotta say, she made a fan out of me!  She has such a soothing voice and great guitar playing. The sky is the limits with her! Follow her on her social media sites and vote for her.arielle

More info on Arielle

Official | FB | Youtube | Vince Gill Contest | twiiter

Click play to hear the interview with MT’s Dom and Arielle. (Sorry about the over modulation on the mic)


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Los Angeles, Ca – You can tell a lot about someone from their taste in music. Especially if they have a penchant for contemporary Heavy Metal music. I have found that many heavy metal aficionados shared a particular pattern of personality traits when attending a Drowning Pool show here in the heart of Los Angeles this last week.

And what was witness by this metal maniac was pure music enjoyment from the many Drowning Pool fans brave enough to attend a Wednesday night showing, knowing DAMN well that School, Work, Your Mother, The Cops, Satan would come calling early the next day.

Trust me there would be NO losers the next day, only WINNERS from being treated to a show packed with raw local talent like (Elements of Kadence) from the high desert area, who in my opinion, pumped up the sinners for the eardrum-rattling performance that would soon follow from the boys out of Texas.

Drowning Pool spawned everything that was going on in the metal scene back than. They’ve been around since the 2000’s flexing their power ballad, head-thrashing tunes to your mums dislike.

On February 5, 2016 Platinum selling metal act DROWNING POOL released their 8th studio album ‘HelleluJAH’ via Entertainment One Music (eOne). This time the band worked with producer Jason Suecof (AUGUST BURNS RED, DEICIDE, DEATH ANGEL) at the helm and it showed with their live performance of “By The Blood”, “Hell To Play” and “We Are The Devil” on this night. The band also tapped renowned artist Brian Mercer (CHRIS CORNELL, LAMB OF GOD, HIGH ON FIRE) to design the cover art on Hellelujah which on cover-art principle alone a must have in your vinyl collection.

Hellelujah Available Now

In 2012 newly recruited singer Jasen Moreno became the band’s 3rd frontman filling some pretty big shoes left by the late great Dave Williams (RIP) who’s vocals can still resonate with surprising authority to this day. Jasen knows he could never replace Dave only honor his memory on stage with his brand of powerful vocals leaving the old school fans in owe when performing the classics.

Jasen sat down with me before their show at Los Globos and spoke about the new album, Dave and the concerns some fans may have with him fronting the band. To hear what he had to say, please see the interview below. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Hellelujah out now. (See Website For Details)

Thank You,

Jasen Moreno – Vocals DROWNING POOL
Mike Luce – Drums DROWNING POOL
CJ Pierce – Guitar DROWNING POOL
Stevie Benton – Bass DROWNING POOL

WWE Diva Champion Charlotte talks with Maximum Threshold Radio about the road to Wrestlemania

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WWE Diva Champion Charlotte and Dom Rini
WWE Diva Champion Charlotte and Dom Rini

Night before WWE’s pay-per-view FASTLANE Dom Rini & Jeff Blackburn caught up with the current Diva Champ Charlotte. This is a pretty sweet interview with Charlotte. Of course they cover the “growing up with Rick Flair as your dad questions”, and who wouldn’t? But these guys did a bit deeper for a nice background of her tenure in NXT and WWE. This was the buildup to the road to Wrestlemania.  Was able to hear about what her plans for FASTLANE was for Brie Bella, also a nice talk about whom she thinks would be a great fit in WWE from NXT.

WWE's Diva Champion Charlotte and MT's Jeff Blackburn
WWE’s Diva Champion Charlotte and MT’s Jeff Blackburn

To listen to the interview just press play below.


P.O.D. Rocks B-Ryders

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P.O.D. 2016
Picture Courtesy of P.O.D.

Bakersfield, California: P.O.D. (Payable On Death) A band that has definitely Paid their dues, a band coming “Straight Out of Southtown” a suburb of San Diego, Cali (Go Chargers), a band that has worked their Asses off from the obscurity of their own local scene to now hosting major rock venues and fests, to selling vast quantities of their own brand of alternative metal/rock style music with a little hip hop flavor to the millions that grace this overpopulated , overpolluted planet of ours.

P.O.D. has had their trials and tribulations, like any other hard working band out there, but they have survived and still to this day put in the blood, sweat and tears to make original P.O.D. music that keeps the old school and new school fans coming back. This showed in their live performance @ B-Ryders. Watching Sonny rock the mic while crowd surfing over all the club goers reminded me of the old school vibe where you didn’t have a care in the world. You were happy and it didn’t matter where you came from, whether Madrid to Calabassas, from Tijuana, Mexico, or all the way from Tokyo.

Marcos Curiel from the band was kind enough to sit down with me on this night and talk music shop. I was very impressed with his honesty, something I feel is lacking in today’s music community. To see what I am talking about, check out the interview below and while you are there, check out their first single, “This Goes Out To You”, off the new album “Awakening” available in stores and online now.

Thank you,

Interview with Marcos Curiel

P.O.D. “This Goes Out To You” Video

P.O.D. New Album Available Now.

P.O.D. Sonny Sandoval – Lead Vocals

Feb – 2016 Tour

P.O.D. Traa Daniels – Bass & Vocals

P.O.D. Traa Daniels – Bass & The Rad Man –

P.O.D. Marcos Curiel – Guitars

Noah “Wuv” Bernardo – Drums

Noah “Wuv” Bernardo – Drums

P.O.D. Marcos Curiel – Guitars & Sonny Sandoval – Lead Vocals

P.O.D. Marcos Curiel – Guitars

P.O.D. Sonny Sandoval – Lead Vocals

P.O.D. 2016

P.O.D. Sonny Sandoval – Lead Vocals

P.O.D. 2016

P.O.D. Sonny Sandoval – Lead Vocals

P.O.D. Marcos Curiel – Guitars

P.O.D. 2016

P.O.D. Marcos Curiel – Guitars & The Rad Man – M.T. Radio

New March – 2016 Tour

Set List – B RYDERS 2016:

Maximum Threshold Radio – NAMM 2016

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NAMM Weekend 2016
NAMM Weekend 2016

Anaheim Ca; As another successful winter NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) came to an end, I had to chance to once again experience this year’s music phenomena. Imagine people from all over the world, all walks of life, who do not care what race , what religion, or sex you are. People who do not have a care in the world what your political agenda is. Like the intresting musicians I met from Iran, who spoke about how their country of origin bans many type’s of music and how they love coming here to speak about their passion for music and the many products they are involved with.

This is why I really love attending NAMM and covering this facinating event each and every year in January. Not for the stars, but meeting all the interesting people who enjoy music and the many products, musical gadgets and doohickies a person can dream of that are all in one place.

This year a record 1,700 + exhibitors showcasing products of every type across music products, pro audio, lighting, and sound recording, collectively displaying over 6,000 brands to attendees from 125 countries and regions around the world.

My 2-day excursion was very educational and insightful. I spoke with many celebrity musicians from all genres of music, along with the different type’s of venders attending just so they can push and have their products be seen by all the Nammtendee’s.

NAMM is not only about meeting the rock stars and playing your favorite musical instruments. It’s about giving back. The NAMM Foundation does some very positive things for the many music communities each year.

Members of NAMM’s Executive Committee personally donated $25,000 to kickoff new music industry “community chest” donor program expanding efforts to keep music education strong this last Nov. 2015. You can read more about everything the National Association of Music Merchants does for the music community, please go to their website &

I would like to Thank NAMM for letting us represent Maximum Threshold Radio by covering this once a year music extravaganza.

To see some of the awesome highlights of NAMM weekend, please see the videos and pictures below.

Thank you,

Interview with Stevie Salas

Interview with Nick Hexum of 311

Interview with Nick Schendzielos of Job For a Cowboy

Interview with Fede from Destrage

Interview with C.J. Pierce from Drowning Pool

Interview with DJ Ashba

Interview with Randy Black

Interview with Steve Smythe

Interview with Kyle Gass from the Kyle Gass Band

Shoutout from Boots Electric from Eagles of Death Metal

Interview with Bjorn Englen

Mr. Stevie Salas and the Rad Man – NAMM 2016

Nicko McBrain – Iron Maiden 2016

Dave Mustaine – Megadeth 2016

Nikki Sixx – Motley Crue 2016

Nick Schendzielos of Job For a Cowboy

Joe Walsh 2016

Bjorn Englen – DIO Disciples, Soul Sign, Tony MacAlpine, Yngwie Malmsteen and other. Name 2016

NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016

Steve Smyth – Guitarist of Forbidden, One Machine and The Esseness Project. NAMM 2016

NAMM 2016 Coffin Cases

NAMM 2016 Coffin Cases

C. J. Pierce – Drowning Pool NAMM 2016

Federico “Fede” Paulovich – Drummer from Destrage

Marten Andersson, Rudy Sarzo, Billy Sheehan, and Bjorn Englen NAMM 2016

Randy Black – Drums NAMM 2016



To see more awesomely good times @ the NAMM SHOW please go to link

RadChad interviews Mark Zonder of Graham Bonnet Band

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Graham Bonnet Band 2016
Graham Bonnet Band 2016

Santa Ana,Ca: Graham Bonnet came to Santa Ana for a VERY special NAMM 2016 weekend performance at Malone’s (House of Metal) before embarking on their European tour.

Now I have never seen Graham live so you can understand my urgency to see this great english rock singer and writer that has fronted many legendary rock band’s like (Rainbow, MSG, Alcatrazz,The Marbles) & NOW “The Graham Bonnet band.”

Today Graham and his backing band of talented musicians, who automatically moved to the next level in my book after witnessing them play on this night, added touches of their own individual personalities and strengths to the mix especially when performing the classic’s, “All Night Long” ,”Suffer Me & “Since You Been Gone.” ( It also helps when you have a fantastic front-man like Mr. Bonnet.)

The members of the Graham Bonnet Band consist of Brazilian – guitarist Conrado Pesinato who I never knew existed until after seeing this very gifted guitarist, the talented charismatic and beautiful Beth-Ami Heavenstone on bass, Mark Zonder – drums who is a much-sought-after studio musician after spending many years with Fates Warning and others, and of course, the one and only Graham Bonnet, but you already knew that.

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down and talking with Mr. Zonder before their gig that night and discussed how he came to be in the Graham Bonnet Band as well as all things that rocked in his career. Too find out all the details, please see the video below.

Thank You

Graham Bonnet Graham Bonnet

Beth-Ami Heavenstone

Mark Zonder

Conrado Pesinato

Graham Bonnet Band

Graham Bonnet Band

Graham Bonnet Band

Graham Bonnet

Graham Bonnet & Conrado Pesinato

Mark Zonder

Beth-Ami Heavenstone